Redundant Grandad

After over 10 yrs looking after the grandkids our watch is finished ( me and grandma Pat ). There mum and dad work different shifts so we took over from 5 till 9 one or sometimes 2 nights a week. But now scouts and brownies have taken over. It’s like your own kids flying the coop. Don’t even get redundancy pay.


Awww, it sounds like you’re going to miss having them. How many of each sex? Perhaps they’ll still pop and see you at weekends and school holidays eh? I’m sure the grandkids will never forget all the good times they have had with you both and you have forged a bond that can’t be broken. My mum and dad spent a lot of time looking after my son when he was younger and as he got older he often used to walk down to spend time with them just because he enjoyed their company. When I was in the midst of a nasty relapse and was sleeping my days away he even got addicted to mum’s afternoon TV shows as he spent so much time with her :wink:

Tracey xx

Ahhhh. MrH’s granddaughter is in London and we are in Northumberland so he doesn’t get to see her much. He’s hoping, as she grows older, that she always remembers him.

Hi, we see less of our grankids now too. Eldest is now 14, (got a tach and deep voice and everything), We used to look after them a lot, but the eldest is the only one I could play with on the floor, take him out in the footwell of my scooter, I miss all that. His sister is 11 and so quiet now…her mum says she`s hormonal. But when she does visit she hardly says 2 words, despite my efforts to think of things she may be interested in.

Our other 2 are completely different. The 4 year old, wants me to draw, play and teach her silly songs, have cuddles in bed and the 11 year old wants me to teach her how to sew,

We still get overnight visits when mum is working during school holidays.

But as much as we love to see them, we do find it harder work now and dont cope as well as we did.

I hope they will keep the good memories of yesteryear. I do.

luv Pollx

Hi Graham

Ha ha, yes, kids are so useful for the techno stuff. I don’t know how I’ll cope if my son ever moves out. He does all the upgrades on my phone and sorts out the DVD player etc. I can just about do the basics.

At least you will still see the grandchildren and they won’t forget you. You have all the teenage angst to look forward to now, broken hearts etc. Good luck with that. Jamie always used to run to grandad when ‘mum didn’t understand’ or ‘was being too hard on him’. You will probably see more of the boys than you expect :wink:

Love the comment about them making you happy twice - I keep saying I’m looking forward to having grandchildren. (a) it’s payback time for Jamie and (b) I get to enjoy fun times and hand them back when they’re too much

Kind regards

Tracey x

my grandaughter was born in january this year,and she has brought so much joy and happiness to our family,shes like a breath of fresh air,i am making the most of seeing every day,because i know that she will be all grown up before we know it.

jaki xx