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Hi all.

Just had an e-mail which made me feel warm and grandma-y!

My grandchildren are growing up and I feel, away from me. Plus their parents are divorced and those of you who know how that works (or more often, dosent), Christmas can be a very difficult time, with which house theyll be at and when etc. Me and hubby sometimes feel we are fitted in to give our presents and receive theirs, before they are shunted off to the next house.

It is to be just me and t`old fella on Christmas day and I felt sad about that, but accepted it. We will see our daughters and children on Boxing Day.

Then this e-mail arrived, asking us to please, please, please solve 1 daughter`s childcare problems over the new year. So we are having 2 granddaughters to stay for 3 nights! They are 11 and 5. Better get some rest in beforehand…once the new wet room is done. The demolition of the old wet room will be fitted in somewhere!

luv Pollx

Well I did feel to be missing out, eh?

How wonderful for you Polly. I am sure the granddaughters will enjoy time away from their parents and being spoiled rotten by their grandparents. My children have both told me they do not want children so I will just have to accept it an treat their various animals as grandchildren - not the same though is it. I often wonder whether the numerous foster children we had have put them off having their own! You never know you may start a tradition in your family of grandchildren spending New Year with you. I do so love Christmas but New Year is special too so enjoy as children grow up all too quickly.

That’s lovely Poll.

I am divorced from my children’s dad, and remarried, and my two are well into their teens now. They live with me and hubbie-number-two, but we share them every Christmas, and its our turn this year. I still love it, and so do they. Their dad will have them Christmas eve overnight, and bring them back mid-morning, and this year we are having mum and my two brothers too. Bring it on!

They’ll be with their dad for New Years so it’ll be just the two of us then, but that’s ok. Looking forward to some grandchildren though hopefully not for a good few years yet!

Have fun xx

Hi Poll,

We usually have a large houseful for Xmas Day. Mainly friends/neighbours/ my mum etc - can be as many as 17. Last Xmas - we had lots of neighbours - who would have been on their own. lt was one of the best xmas’s. This year - daughter has been invited to her friends [ my daughter is a super cook - and friends children love her] - l don’t mind - l would not want her to feel she was obliged to come to us. No doubt she will be here in the morning as she will be coming over to ride her horse. l love cooking/entertaining - and OH is a shopaholic - so will not be short of sprouts/cranberries etc. Will make pudding - plus l fancy making the Mary Berry ‘ice-cream xmas pud’. Have plenty of eggs from my girls - for ice-cream. We are getting 4 a day from 5 hens. My rollator, has made it possible for me to still ‘carry on cooking’ - need help carrying the heavy dishes and piles of plates - but otherwise - l can still do my ‘Mrs Bridges’ - as long as l have a Ruby to help.

lmpressed with Hunny’s xmas - her family seem very happily adjusted - well done. l know we can’t please all - all of the time - but you have found a way they suits everyone.

Anyone want to join me for xmas would be welcome.


Sounds like you’re in line for a great Christmas time :slight_smile:

My step-daughter is home and Everyone is coming to ours on Boxing day - it will be complete madness but I can’t wait.

It’s all about being with those you love most :slight_smile:

Sonia xx

Ta for all your festive arrangements.

When my mum and dad were with us, all the extended family went to see them. I saw cousins, aunties, uncles, I rarely see now.

Mum was the real martiarch of our family and now we spend time with our own families and I miss seeing everyone.

i used to have everyone to ours on Boxing day..............different times game of Triv and mum used to shout out the answers, even it wasnt her turn! The rest of us would all shout in unison shut up, its not your question. dad would get merry on any booze going, then pick up the smaller kiddies and sing. he never sang any songs, just went Whoooaa...whoooaaa! he wobbled and we were all terrified he`d drop the child.

I remember after one family do, me and hubby took mum and dad home in our motorhome. As we tried to get him out of the door, he stuck fast and said, If you try to get me off this ship, I will call the authorities. I am stopping here! It took us ages to get him out. Mum was ashamed and looked around to see if any of their neighbours was watching.

Happy Christmas…I know its early and ill be saying it again,

much luv Pollxxx