Bah Humbug!

Love Christmas apart from those letters from ‘long lost friends/relatives’ which chronicle their (wonderful?) lives over the last twelve months. (invariably these misals (sp) arrive in expensive cards posted first class)

— Abigail has just gained a Grade 8 pass with the Violin – Tristan and Camilla are now engaged – George (aged3 ) is enjoying Mandarin lessons. Etc.

Would it be uncharitable to respond with – M’s m.s. has got worse and he has had to retire early from work – J has fallen off the wagon once more – T awaits a court date for non-payment of fine Etc.

Merry Christmas everyone !!!


i once read that the upper crust like to send a round robin of their family news.

i absolutely do NOT relate to anyone called ‘upper crust’ and thankfully none of my friends and family would stoop so low.

respond any way you want to.

i feel the need for profanity and vulgarity when faced with stuff like that!

go for it krakowian!!

Oh thankfully no bugger sends me such rubbish. Boastful, smug gits.


My oldest one time friend does this every year, if we were still friends I would know all this already…surely? Drives me mad.

I have an old friend who does this. She has since moved to the other end of the UK, got married and inherited a ready made family. So the annual missive isn’t even about anyone I know…

IMHO people who bang on about their wonderful life, do so because it isn’t. All fur coat and no knickers.

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We used to get one of these awful things form a friend every year (used to make me laugh and was quite convinced that it was made up or at the very least the edited highlights) –

Amended Quote borrowed from krakowian- Abigail has just gained a Grade 8 pass with the Violin (It makes our ears bleed to listen to her practice so thank god for that) – Tristan and Camilla are now engaged (They had to as Camilla is 4 months gone! Tristan is quite confused as he is quite obviously more her brother Tarquins type) – George (aged3 ) is enjoying Mandarin lessons.(He has written to Santa asking for new parents for Christmas!) Etc.​hightlights

I cannot remember the friends name- when we moved I didn’t tell her! I imagine she is still regaling the new owners of our house!


Lol, can always rely on my sis to pass on addresses,so there is no escape!

Oh ye gawds… I have relatives who insist on doing that, as they can’t believe that the world isn’t gagging to know how well they’re doing and the exotic location they’re going to on holiday this year and every tiny little detail of their lives… became so much of a standing joke that I was sent a model of a plump and rather round looking robin by a family member who is also a lucky recipient, and thinks about as much of them as I do!.

merry christmas to you!