Resting with grandchildren

I am looking after my grandchildren all day and night, (11, 8 and 6 ) whilst my son and his wife go to Hyde Park. He brought them round at 9.00 am and gave strict instructions not to wear me out and that I would have to rest quite often. It is now 10.30 - we have boiled eggs and they have painted them. They have played on the wii, skittles and table tennis. we have written on the height chart, they are now making special cakes for school project. Finished with wii and now watching a Barbie DVD. I now have a bright blue loom bracelet in a fishtail pattern with a pink heart charm This is made of tiny elastic bands using a crochet hook, very reminiscent of doing french knitting on a cotton reel, but much quicker. All this in less than 2 hours - where do they get their energy??? I am sitting watching it all go on round me - so am resting whilst I can. McDonalds for lunch I think - cannot even think of a nice healthy lunch - what are Grandmas for if they can’t spoil them every now and then. I will enjoy them whilst they are here. (Despite house looking a mess - it will soon get sorted, and scratches etc are a funny legacy in years to come.) Will I still be saying this tomorrow at this time? Anyway I am needed now to sort out oven for the baking!!! Will rest later!!! Jackie x

if things go awry never tell the parents, reassure the parents that they have eaten all their meals even if most of the food is in the bottom of the bin, put your feet up and let them play on their game machines all day if they want to - Enjoy!

Hi Jackie, I have got my granddaughter today until her mum finishes work. Had a family party last night so I am not feeling my best today so there is absolute chaos going on round me but don’t have the energy to care. I am sorry to say I have just plonked her in front of the telly and given her anything she wants to eat including chocolate. Shhh!!! Don’t tell her mum. Mags xx

Perhaps you could have a tidying game at the end of the day. Not sure how that would work but you’ve got a bit of time to think about it.

I always found shops was a good game to play and used to keep my kids happy for hours. Just give them change and some tins and packets and get them to price them up and display them then one could be the shopkeeper and the other two could be customers. Oh the memories.

Try and rest as much as you can.

Shazzie xx

Yes, I know how tiring looking after the grandchildren is. But you know, these extra special times are memory making, I think.

Yes, we give them too much goo food and let them do things their parents wont and yes, they make a mess, but you know they soon grow up and dont visit gran as often, as we become boring.

I have wonderful memories of my eldest grandson, now almost 16 and rarely visits. When he was born, I had just started with mobility problems, but I used to sit on the floor with him and play see saw. Then he would sit on my knee as I rode my scooter, as he grew bigger, he would sit between my feet in the scooter well.

We used to sing all kinds of songs and laff and laff so much. Those days are gone now, but my memories are precious. Hope they are for him too.

And as for the mess, well it soon tidies when they are gone back home.

Have a wonderful time, you lucky lady!

luv Pollx

I have my almost 3 yr old Granddaughter stay over every Saturday night and have done since she was tiny (I can hear her breathing as I write to you) It has been so much harder this past year but unless I feel unsafe to have her then have her I will. MS has robbed me of a future of teaching her how to Ice skate or taking her Skiing, I can’t even take her to the park unless someone is with us as I can no longer keep up with her if she strays, so the nights she stays over are extra special and I’m hanging on for as long as she’s happy to stay. We played in the garden yesterday, Grandma blowing bubbles while she chased round the garden popping them,. DVDs are wonderful things as is YouTube for watching endless Micky or Minnie Mouse and giving me a rest between playing and clearing away after her. I have a nursery rhyme cd in my car it’s on that often I sometimes find myself driving along with it still playing after I’ve dropped her off at home. Hey I’m a Grandma I’m allowed to be eccentric!! We are so lucky to be parents and even luckier to be Grandparents. Jan x

LOL I have a 4 and 8 year old and life is like this every day, it’s totally and utterly exhausting and I always feel like I’m disappointing them when I can’t do the next thing they want to do (walk to the park, take them swimming).

I agree with others though, enjoy, take it as easy as you can, it is amazing you are babysitting at all, you can do the bare minimum, so mcdonals and tv all the way. I’d be delighted to have an overnight babysitter and wouldn’t care how they amused the kids!

I applaud you red Lou, to be a parent as well as dealing with the problems MS can bring is amazing. As is often said we can hand the back AND we get thanked for having them. Well done and thank you for bringing up our next generation, or as I’m beginning to think of them, our next contributors to PIP (cheeky face smiley) Jan x

Jackie its great fun at times when all of mine are here with their parents and all it is chaos I am having an out of body experience but as you say it all sorts out. I am envious have a good time and enjoy the memories. Don

Well memories have been made over the weekend. It was busy and exhausting but lovely. I fell asleep after they were picked up by Dad listening to the Grand Prix. But was wide awake for the tennis. Just taking my time to clean up after. They were very good and tidied up most things. I admire you who have children to look after a- you need so much energy Very relaxing evening to finish And remember things they said. Jackie x

It sounds as if you all had a lovely time, Jackie. Memories in the making …

So many children aren’t close to their grandparents these days. My son used to spend a lot of time with my mum and I’m so glad he has so many special memories. When I was first ill and was sleeping for at least 50% of the day, he used to walk home from school along the beach and go straight into mum and dad’s house. He would watch TV with mum and got addicted to all her favourite shows . She even used to play on his Playstation with him and apparently she was much better at Fifa than me lol.

Tracey x