Kinship care n ms

Just wondering if there are any fellow kincarers here ? My 5yr old grandson has lived with us over 3yrs now. I’m glad I’m fit enough to look after him well enough but I also find it frustrating that I am unable to say, play football with him or even just go a nice walk. I am sore n shattered at the end of every day I know that !! Thanks for reading x

Hi fluff, what you are doing is a marvelous thing.

there are other activities you can enjoy with your little grandson…drawing, model making, my grandson (now 14 and so granny interested) loved nothing better than riding in the well of my scooter, with his little legs astride the tiller.He was 5 then.

i remember us going along singing Footballs Coming Home.....and one he loved.......The boy stood on the burning deck, his voice was all aquiver. he gave a cough, his leg blew off and floated down the river!`

Good times!

luv Pollx

Cheers for your kind words Poll x Thankfully my wee grandson enjoys his craft work and drawing which I am able to enjoy with him, though any good ,I am definetly not !! Plus he’s a very cuddly wee boy, that I can do no bother ! Just feel guilty when I have to tell him I have to stop doing whatever we’re doing cos I’m sore. He understands that nana has bad legs. We had good fun in the snow but only in short bursts !! xx

ah fluffy nana

my mum had sore feet with arthritis.

she died from a brain haemorrage when jack was only 4

he was staring up at the sky on the way to school and he said “look those fluffy clouds will be really comfortable for nana’s poor feet”

we turned up at school with me almost bursting with wanting to cry

your a perfect nana because you’re his!

carole x


your a perfect nana because you’re his!