nine year old hero

hi everyone

i have felt absolutely dreadful today. my legs are hurting badly, my hands are totally numb and my sense of humour has deserted me.

but my great niece called round at 7pm. she wanted to take my paintings for show and tell at school.

she was at her grandmas (my sister) so i went round with her.

this child is like sunshine in my life. she is well-behaved, kind, funny, clever, a talented gymnast and dancer. i feel privileged to have her in my life.

now my legs still hurt and my hands don’t work but she has cheered me up more than she will ever know.

just thought i’d share this power of love story

carole xxxxxxxx

Carole, that’s lovely, good to hear you’re feeling better mentally if not physically, thanks for sharing

Luisa x

There is a thread going on the newbie part about happy things, that should surely be on there aswell.

Hope today is a better day


What a lovely thing to share with us. At least you’re now smiling through the pain.

Good for you and your great niece.