spending time with grandchildren

Hi, got 3 of our 4 grandchildren here for a few days.

Emma is newly 13, Kate is about to go 13, and Emily 6.

Their mums, our daughters, have gone out to the gym and for tea…leaving me in charge!

Little Sophie has been entertaining them with her playfulness and is now asleep round my neck, as usual.

Picture the scene;

the 2 older girls are giggling about summat on their tablets, Emily is watching High School Musical on my tablet and here`s me on my laptop.

Hubbys in t`shed!

A decade or so ago, it might`ve been telly tubbies on tv, eh?

Eee, the art of conversation and all that!


hi poll

how lovely for you and your girls.

as for the art of conversation “oh oh” as the teletubbies would say.

carole x