Red wine, gluten free?

Yesterday a friend came over unexpectedly and stayed for dinner. We drank waaaay too much but it’s been a long time and we live far apart. In the end we were both worse for wear and he stayed over.

This is about my penchant for things gluten free. My friend said there is gluten in red wine but some shops are selling the odd bottle of gluten free wine.

I wonder if anybody here could enlighten me about this if they know?



Now I always thought red wine was just fermented grape juice - so it counted as one of your “five-a-day”.


Thank you.If that be the case, I’ll lead a very long life!

If the wine is aged in oak barrels that have been sealed with a paste that contains gluten there could be a problem

also gluten is sometimes used in the fining process

both could result in gluten being present in your bottle of wine

Hi Floopy and thank you for your expert advice. It stands to reason that there will be some gluten free wines available but my favourite Rioja is probably not going to be one of those! Mark