how much do you drink??

I love my glass or more of wine but am beseiged with guilt as feel I shouldnt…what do you drink and think?!

Morning Rose, I would guess very little, one or two glasses of red or a pint now and again. I guess I shouldn’t but have given up so much, I guess you need a treat now and again.


Hi Rose

I thoroughly enjoy a glass of wine too, actually it’s more like a couple of glasses but only once or twice a week - sometimes not even that! But I don’t feel guilty about it. The way I see is that we have enough trials & tribulations as it is, so as long as we don’t go overboard & we use our common sense then what’s the harm? Mind you I have to add that when I do have a tipple or two I do omit my clonazepam that night…I learnt the hard way on that score…lol

Obviously there are some that probably cannot drink whatsoever, but for me health problems or not, life is for living and we can’t give up everything

Debbie xx

Unfortunately with my bladder problems I’ve had to give up alcohol altogether. It is not worth it for the havoc wrought if I drink! Teresa xx

Very interesting research - how does alcohol affect MS? And, is it purely a reaction to meds or does it affect MS anyway?


I don’t drink these days as anything alcoholic gives me a blistering headache within 10-60 minutes,depending on what I’ve drunk. I also get dizzy, even when I’m laying down. Not worth the after effects for me.


Hi Rose, as long as long as you dont end up dancing on the tables and you drinking dont affect you meds then have a whole fecking bottle if you want

to ! OK you will probably have to NOT take your last meds of the day if you’re having a evening bender on the booze and you will maybe suffer the hangover from

hell if you have a full bottle but I think do what makes you happy ! The gods know we suffer enough so , feck it . just do it !

Oooo but not 3/4 of a bottle of Jack Daniels…that is DEFINATELY not a good idea !

Regards and keep the faith

Pete X

Hi Rose

I have a 1-2 glasses of red wine 3-4 times a week or a couple of small bottles of beer


Hi Rose,

Why do you feel you “shouldn’t”? You’ll know, yourself, if it’s making you ill or causing you problems, but if it isn’t - enjoy! Drinking in moderation is OK with MS, just as it is for a normal, healthy person. Some people give up for purely personal reasons - e.g. it was no longer agreeing with them - but there’s no general rule that you shouldn’t drink with MS.

I drink pretty much the same as I always did, which is not excessive, but hardly teetotal, either. Perhaps a bottle or two of wine each week - but never all at once. I’ve got some of those wine stoppers, so I can drink a glass or two, and then save it. I think “binge” drinking - e.g. drinking nothing at all the rest of the week, and a week’s worth on Saturday - is more dangerous than taking a little, as you fancy. It’s good to have one or two alcohol free nights a week, and in general, I probably do, though I don’t make it a strict rule.

I actually find a lot of my MS symptoms are relieved by drink - for the simple reason it’s a muscle-relaxant. So I suppose I have to be careful not to get drawn into taking more, for the relief it gives. But it hasn’t been a problem so far. Although I do feel better after a glass or two of wine (better still with G&T!), I’ve never felt I couldn’t say no.



This is a good question, and I would like to add…

I drink rarely but when I do go out and have a drink I find that my night is really disturbed. I usually take 30mg Baclofen every night for spasms and Pregabalin for pain at the same time. I normally still take these if Ive had a drink and my nights sleep is awful.

What do other people do??


Too much booze makes me literally legless these days, but see little harm with the occasional glass. Take a look at the Barts & London blog, as it might put your mind at rest. It covers wine too.

I have the occasional JD and Coke or a glass or two of wine. Don’t feel guilty about it enjoy whilst you can!

ive found a cpl cans of beer relaxes me,so it is worth it,on down side myy baladder aint good,so i dont drink ,:(it is a catch 22 situtation

It’s just been reported that alcohol is good for RRMS at least

I used to work in the drinks industry so I learned to like pretty much every kind of alcohol. I stick to white and red wine or lager most of the time these days though. I don’t drink much Monday - Thursday (occasional bottle of lager maybe), but I often share a bottle of wine with my husband on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Occasionally we open a second…

You really shouldn’t feel guilty. There is loads of evidence that alcohol is actually good in moderation for heart, diabetes, stroke and other things. And now it seems that it’s also good for MS!

Karen x

I used to drink a lot, but I don’t anymore. I’m not sure it relates to MS though, I’m on the go with two little ones from very early in the morning so I just can’t be bothered with hangovers any more. Plus I don’t sleep well with a lot of alcohol in me and I value my shut eye too much!

I do drink though, and I never feel guilty about it. I drink drinks that fit with my anti inflammatory diet so I know they’re not doing much harm.

I wouldn’t feel guilty if it’s in moderation - my husband was an alcoholic, so for the last couple of years that he was alive, I refused to buy any drink at all - it still got into the house though, and that is the reason that I am now a widow. However, I buy drink now (the novelty has not worn off after almost 2 years), my house has a ridiculous amount of booze in it just now because I buy it in bulk about every 6 months and it takes me ages to get through it. I’ll have one large glass of wine or one spirit/mixer drink in an evening, maybe about 4 times a week - any more and my unsteadyness gets silly, I’m also prone to hangovers from not much alcohol, so I don’t bother drinking much, one glass lasts me the evening. On nights out, I take the car and drink lemonade - I don’t see the point in paying for a taxi for the sake of maybe a couple of drinks (I don’t drive at all if I’ve had even one drink, it’s a personal thing).

So, I would drink what you feel comfortable with, it’s up to you.

Luisa x

Hi, I dont drink much, but I find that if I have just one glass of wine it tends to relax my legs a bit and that helps me a bit, occasionally we have a works night out and I go over the score with alcohol but that doesnt happen very often. I wouldn’t feel guilty if I was you, if you are only drinking in moderation. Cheryl:)


This is my first time posting on here.

I hadn’t had a drink in a few months due to the fact that I was frightened of the side effects of mixing it with my meds, but last month I had to attend a charity evening for my work. So there I was all dressed up and in my heels (knowing I would have to sit down all night with them on as my legs aren’t very stable) and my colleagues had ordered my drink before I arrived. One Morgans & coke and I felt fine, 2 more and I was actually dancing away thinking this is great! Wish I had stopped there though as the next drink wasn’t even half finished when my legs just refused to work properly, even bare footed! I felt like I had drank a litre bottle of rum, not four 25ml measures filled to the brim with coke in a halfpint glass! I am very open about my M.S so most people understood but I could see a few disgusted faces as I got helped downstairs into my taxi. My head was clear, it was just my legs that stopped working. I suppose it depends on each induvidual if alcohol will have an adverse effect. Will still have a couple over the festivities but will stay at home and lay off the amitriptyline the night before.

I am also on Copaxone injection which my nurse said would not interact with alcohol or other medication.


About twice as much as I’m prepared to own up to.



I have trouble getting to the third bottle.