I love love drinking wine

As my title says I love my gkass/btk wine…guilt re. ms progression does plays on my mind but doesnt stop me…does it matter?

Everything in moderation. One bottle at a time. So go steady. Just had one myself. Ummmm. Bottle / glass … Guess!!! R

If you feel the need to ask, then do you regard your drinking as a “problem”? If so, then yes, it does matter - your body doesn’t need the extra damage, when it already has something so serious to deal with.

If, however, you’re not talking about “excessive” drinking, but literally just the odd glass or two, there’s no evidence it has any effect on MS progression at all. I still enjoy a tipple. If you did a poll of the forums, I think you’d find those who still drink were in the majority. So no problem at all, unless it’s out of control. Exactly the same as for people who don’t have MS, in other words.


I have PPMS and still enjoy a drink of wine - to hell with the disease, enjoy - sensibily!

Oh yes, I really enjoy my wine too. For years it has been a French red or Rioja. Lately I decided to have the odd dry day so the choice was a dry white, and Chablis was the choice.

This New Year guess I’ll have a fair bit too.


There was a large study published last year or thereabouts about what things might be good/bad for MS. Alcohol came out on the good side, no matter the amount drunk. Alcohol is good for quite a lot of other things (eg stroke, heart disease) if taken in moderation, but it has a bad effect if you go above a couple of units a day. The average bottle of wine has nine units. So research seems to say that drinking lots of wine is potentially good for MS, but watch out for other conditions because you could be making the risks of them much higher, never mind all the problems normally associated with heavy drinking (liver damage, kidney damage, digestive problems, nervous system failure, addiction, cognitive issues, etc). Overall, it’s best to stick to moderation: a small amount, most days. You definitely shouldn’t feel guilty for drinking because you have MS though. Karen x

Well, I’ve been indoors today trying to complete my self assessment tax return, and the talk of wine this morning gave me a taste to have some. So I had a look in the kitchen and found a nice bottle. Out came the cork, back to work…

Tomorrow I must remember to do as much of my accounts as possible BEFORE wine as I got plenty of work done before, not much after!


It’s not the quantity so much as the quality.

Your tax return must make so much more SENSE after a nice bottle of wine’s been opened

Lolli xx

I drink every day, much to my wife’s dismay , I enjoy a few pint after work.y dad bought me a plaque for as which reads “eat less. Loose weight. Drink less. Die anyway” Well that hit the nail on the head for me As for the wifey she didn’t get the humour Don’t worry about it Adam x

[quote=adam jones]I drink every day, much to my wife’s dismay , I enjoy a few pint after work. My dad bought me a plaque for as which reads “eat less. Loose weight. Drink less. Die anyway”


Once I was married, and one day she said "since I’ve known you, my alcohol intake has doubled. I said “and since I’ve known you, mine has halved!”.

So I relaxed the alcohol a little more, but she carried on being just as neurotic as she’d ever been!

In the end she ran off with someone else anyway. Poor bloke, his drinking would have halved!