MS and Dry January!

Hi there I’m doing Dry Jan this year and have noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms - especially fatigue and brain fog. I have more energy and my memory and thinking are much sharper. Has anyone else found this? I’m not a huge drinker. In a typical week I’ll have maybe 5 glasses of wine. Wondering if I should give it up for good? :weary:

I don’t think alcohol has a significant impact on my symptoms but there’s no denying that I generally feel better when I’ve not had alcohol! I think it’s because booze disturbs my sleep and lack of sleep is baaaaad for me!


I drink a similar amount to you and I actually find it improves things if anything, probably because it keeps me happy :upside_down_face:
There has been research which suggests moderate alcohol consumption is good for MS - I hold on to that!

Sometimes I try and see if alcohol will work as a counterbalance and steady me up a bit….that hasn’t gone well to date :joy: