Gluten in beer


I wonder if anyone can enlighten me about the gluten content in beer? Real beer not lager.

I’ve been drinking wine and other things for years and I enjoy it, but would the odd pint really hurt?

I think I’ve largely lost the taste for it anyway, but my brother is coming tomorrow…

I drink gluten-free beer. It tastes just as good, but costs a bit more.

If I drink ‘normal’ beer, I feel it the next day.

I haven’t eaten any bread since March and after that experience, I’m not at all tempted. Life without gluten is so much better.


From an MS dietary point of view, I wouldn’t know. However my son’s dad-in-law is a Coeliac and can’t touch beer at all because it makes him so ill. Since dx with that he drinks either wine or cider - and cider, I believe is very much en vogue these days. Would it help if you asked your brother what’s popular in his social circles ?