red emergency pull in loo......


dunno if anybody has noticed this elsewhere but i became aware of it last week…

red emergency cord in loo in often tied up or too short or non existent. various reasons-kids play with them, makes it look tidier, it doesnt need to go right to the floor-i have heard most of the excuses!

as someone who needed help and couldnt reach the cord (6" above the ground) i was in awe of a recent ‘cord’-plastic-like on house blinds, that went all the way to the floor. i am aware thzat it depends on which angle you fall from or at but theres been thought went into that!

anybody else seen them?



i haven’t seen the one you mentioned but when I was on holiday in Amsterdam last year, the emergency cord in disabled loos were pinned to the wall, went all the way down to roughly 18 inches from the floor and then went round the walls at 18 inches high meaning that the cord could be reached from any where in the loo, regardless of where you fell. A great idea and one I’d never seen this before or since.




thanks for reply. made realise i am not very good at estimating inches… depends on where the loo is then shouting for help is another option.


That’s generally my answer, yelling hhheeeeellllpp!!

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