Loo access problem in son's house


Like many of us, when I need to go to the loo, I need to go urgently. After a recent attack, I can stand for a few moments, can’t walk and definitely can’t go up or down stairs. I have SPMS so am unlikely to improve much. My son (and Dad to my 2 gorgeous grandchildren) is in the process of buying a house. Whilst excited for him, it has hit me that his only loo is upstairs. There are no cafes near enough for me to use their loo. I can’t use a commode as neither my son nor his wife would be up for dealing with it. Any thoughts/ideas/inspiration? Thanks

l have the same problem - my daughters house does not have a downstairs loo. And l can’t manage the stairs - well l could struggle - but the effort alone would have disasterous consequences. My 3 second warning would not get me to the bottom of the stairs.

Now - l thought when we viewed it - that we could get a downstairs loo fitted in the hall cupboard. [And l even helped her with the deposit on this house] But so far - she has not found a way to do it. l have a SPC - so no trouble when l want a pee but its number 2’s that give me no warning.

My neighbours have had a loo fitted in the cupboard under the stairs - and a saniflow system- which has turned a small space into a useful space. lt is amazing what can be done. My daughter has a utility room behind the garage - and we have looked at that.

Don’t despair l am sure there will be an answer. Try googling - loo’s in small spaces. Or - what about their neighbours - ask if any of them have put a downstairs loo in - and how they did it.

How about asking for a referral to a continence nurse? I too have frequency and urgency issues. I’m on medication for the urgency. So far I have been resisting self catheterising, but I think I’m going to have to do it. I too am SPMS. I’ve been told that catheterising empties the bladder properly meaning you can then last much longer without needing the loo. It might be worth thinking about if it means you can spend several hours at your sons home without needing the loo.

Lots of invitations to your house, I think! Being disabled is a very expensive business, as we all know, and it is a rare and fortunate young family with children who can afford to buy a house with enough space for their own needs, never mind extra facilities for visitors.

It’s a total pain, this MS stuff, and no mistake!


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