Recommendations for a neurologist in West Midlands

Hi all I’m a newbie but following another members advice and asking if anyone can recommend a good neurologist in the West Midlands area I’m in Walsall and don’t have much faith in my local hospital so would be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions Many thanks

Hi Cody Im in Wolverhampton and see Dr Summers in stafford. I cant fault her at all. I was at New Cross but saw a few different ones and prefer Dr Summers. Which hospital are you at? Sam x

Well my gp will refer me to the manor hospital but I really have very little faith in that hospital down to bad family experiences in the past so thought if I try to find a good one I can ask for that hospital as I’m gonna insist on being referred when I see my gp tmrw x

I dont blame you. Iv heard some bad things about the manor as I work in Walsall. The QE in brum is meant to be good too x

Hi Cody, I’ve found the qe good as a hospital, my neuro is there and he has been good but my ms nurse is at city hospital due to catchement areas - they’re quite strict on that. City is not bad as the ms nurses are lovely, but I’ve found the nurses on the reception checking in area to be very unfriendly every time I’ve been so far. Good luck!

Hi Cody,

I see Prof Williams at the QE, good guy!

Good luck.

Thanks all x Think I may push for QE then …