neuro appt in Dudley

Hi all,

If anyone lives in the Dudley area.West Mids I have just cancelled an appt for tomorrow so if you are desperately waiting to see an ms specialist ring now for the cancellation.


Hi pip, If it’s with the neuro I saw then NOOOOO thanks. Hope your ok and your cancellation wasn’t because of anything serious Mandymoo x

Hi Pip

sweet of you to put it on the forum but not from there. Ditto on Mandymoo’s comment - hope it’s not cos of anything serious.



Hi both,

No the reason is that despite being out of limbo dx wise the daily uncertainty lives on.

I live on a border so my house and gp are in different boroughs and then in order to see an ms specialist I was moved to the QE in Bham yet another borough.

Now Dudley have someone who can sign dmd scripts I was shipped off to Dudley. For 2 mnths my ms nurse has been trying to contact the QE to no avail to check my copaxone wont be affected.

I saw a new ms nurse yesterday and was told it was pointless me going to a Dudley neuro as my gp is in Sandwell and so he cant sign for me despite the fact I live in Dudley!!!

She was emailing them to cancel it and explain why but going on past performance I cant see the QE answering anything about needing to have me back.

Oh the joys…together with still no word on my pension I have been in financial limbo for nearly 12mnths---- ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

I had thought when my dmds started everything would fall into place…silly me