Moving to a new neurologist team

Hi, I moved from Somerset to Wiltshire 2 years ago and even though my ms nurse and neurologist have been happy to continue seeing me I am finding the 2 hour drive too far especially to see my MS nurse who I see more frequently. I recently had a bad relapse and went to see my gp who was fantastic very supportive, she advised me to change to the local ms team and I have agreed. I did mention to her about the fact I take dmd’s and could this cause a problem as I will be under a different nhs trust, she didn’t seem to think so but I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks. Karen x

Hi Karen, good luck with the move to another PCT.

As you know, I`m up in Yorkshire. I was originally seen at Wakefiled and changed to Calderdale, as it was a 50 mile round trip to the first hospital.

I have a feeling I might have got a better deal, had i stayed at Wakefield.

My local neuro dept has done nothing to help me, only to mess with my head.

So now i am waiting for an appointment to come from Leeds.

I am not one to just huddle in a corner and say nowt!.

Nay, not a bit of it!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll us Yorkshire women are made of strong stuff so I won’t be frightened of voicing my opinion lol. Karen xx

I have pm you