Changing Neurologist Through Moving

Hi everyone, I have a question.

I am considering moving from one part of England to another. Of course, this will mean a change of neuro. Has anyone any experience of this? My present neuro and MS nurse are excellent, I would be sorry to leave them.

I have a feeling I have read on the forum that some neuros do not accept another neuro’s diagnosis, and therefore would want to start the diagnostic merry-go-round all over again. Have I remembered this correctly? I absolutely shudder at the thought of going through all that again.

Hoping someone will tell me I’m wrong,


Hey Ben, how are yer? Moving from where to where ? I only know N & N, but others know loads. Take care, Andy

Hi Carraboy, I’m considering moving from the south west to the south east.

You’ve puzzled me with N&N, aren’t they kid’s chocolates?

Lol. I prefer smarties. … Norfolk & Norwich university hospital. :smiley:

I think that the dx criteria are more mechanistic and objective than they used to be and more standardised too - so a dx, once made, is generally less open to challenge and more secure than in the old days. If the neurologists are all using the same criteria (and they are), that should be the result. Of course, medicine is an art rather than a science, so there will always be grey areas, but there are surely fewer of them than there used to be. So I hope that is one thing you don’t have to worry about.


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ProfG on the Barts blog posted about prescribing DMT and that the first question he would ask himself would be, 'does the “patient have MS” '. From which I take it that the evidence would be reviewed but if the collectors of that evidence did a proper job the evidence would be accepted.

My DX, as is common, depended on the acceptance of the CIS DX (in my case Acute Optic Neuritis [AON]). I assume the DX of Acute Optic Neuritis was solid. The DX was by a local ophthalmology centre. No new tests were done apart from a MRI to look for the evidence of MS like damage apart from the AON.

So if all is documented (and otherwise would be negligence, I guess) I think you will be fine.

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Hi Ben

I moved 5 miles down the road and closer to my hospital but strangely got moved to another hospital which was closer to my old house (i know it makes no sense) and I didnt have to go through it all again. It might be worth speaking to your nurse as they may be able to advise x

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Alison, you’re right, they do all work to the same diagnostic criteria, so chances of them differing are slim. It’s just a question of whether or not they accept test results from the previous neuro, or want to do them all again, but that would take time and expense, and should bring the same results as previously, so maybe not.

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I moved from London to Sussex and my diagnosis wasn’t challenged. Then again, I did see Dr Giovannoni at the National Hospital in Queens Square. If his diagnosis was challenged there’d be something wrong with the system. So I may not have been typical. Later though, my neurologist has referred me to Kings (for Tysabri before it was available locally) and to a rehab specialist. I think there’s a general acceptance that a diagnosis is correct, although as each new doctor you see wants to listen to you talk through your MS history. I was tempted to write up a ‘cheat sheet’ with all the highlights listed as I have become so bored by myself listing the first episode, first tests, second relapse, diagnosis, drug history etcetera etcetera.


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Vithfari, thanks for those reassuring thoughts. I was diagnosed chiefly from MRI scans of brain and spine, with repeat scans showing progression. I would be rather surprised if it wasn’t well documented, I’ve no reason to doubt the efficiency of my local neurology department.

Glad to hear you didn’t have to go through it all again Sammiejoe, but what a crazy situation with your hospitals.

I’m due to see my MS nurse in a few months, I’ll discuss things with her. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sue, so you’re another who didn’t have to go through it all again, thank you for replying. It’s beginning to look like that’s the norm, but of course there will be exceptions. I keep a timeline of all the things you list above; it’s come in useful several times. I hope you settled in Sussex.