Changing hospital

I was initially dxd under my health insurance so I when I went back on to the NHS I ‘followed’ my neuro to his NHS hospital which is over the other side of London from where I live.

Two years on I want to change hospital to one in central London as the journey to my hospital is getting to be a real pain, especially as I have to go every three months to have a blood test and collect three months worth of Tecfidera.

Am I within my rights to do this? I have an appointment with an MS Nurse next week (on the same day as my blood test and Tec collection) so that I can be reviewed and talk about that referral.

Thanks for any advice


Hi Louise

Yes, you should be able to be referred to a neurologist which is easier to reach. Ask your MS nurse what the normal procedure is. Failing that, I’d be tempted to write a letter to your existing neurologist, explain what you want to do and ask for his advice.


I used to go to Pinderfields hospital in Wakefield. It was a 50 mile round trip. I did it for a few years and then asked my consultant if he would refer me to Halifax, which is 5 minutes away. He was happy to do it and forwarded my notes on.

Expect you will be able to do the same.


my neuro himself told me that a local health centre was holding a long term conditions clinic.

he does some days from there and some from the main hospital in manchester.

the local one is nearer to me but not that much nearer.

the main hospital is easier to get to on the motorway.

my dad asked his consultant if he could attend a local clinic instead of going to manchester.

the consultant said yes of course.

it made me wonder why they don’t always give a choice if one exists.

carole x

Thanks for that. I don’t know why they even need to discuss me changing hospitals.

TBH I don’t rate the MS nurses where I go now. Neuro is great but I only see him once a year. THe hospital I want to change to has (I believe) a really good MS nurse service. It’s a shame that MS nursing services are so patchy.


This thread really got my interest.

For several years I was faced with the prospect of having to change from the hospital I currently attend (28 miles away) to one that is much nearer (12 miles).
Right now, I only see a nurse (Consultant has passed me down the ladder since I am now SPMS).
But the DVLA have given me another three-year driving licence - the need for an urgent decision has receeded.

However, This summer will see me move from the SW up to Greater Manchester (wow - a whole 200 miles).
So, I will need a referral to Salford Royal (and I might even see a neurologist one more time).
I see my MS Nurse on June 8th, so can ask if she will do the referral, or if it must wait until I get up to the mew home.

Carole - Do you go to Breightmet Health Centre, and Salford Royal? If so, who should I ask to be referred to?
I am heading to Unsworth, just south of Bury, and all of 2 miles off the Motorway.


There are a number of good/excellent places for MS care in London - not all are “central London” (which is a very flexible term!) I had excellent (World Class) care when I lived in South East London and there was another well respected team in another large hospital nearby. Where are you based? Zone 1 is not the be all and end all of treatment for MS in London!