Can I change hospitals?

In December I saw a private neurologist (beneden insurance) and had a cranial MRI. In march my nhs appointment came through and they did a full MRI. I had all my results back in may. At the appointment I questioned if the results were the same (someone on here suggested they were different). He refused to look back at the letter that I had brought from the private consultant and just repeated that I had two lesions. The nurse gave me a list of blood tests to have as I left without explaining them and said he’d see me in a year.

At the initial appointment the nhs consultant said he’d get a copy of the original MRI. I now have a letter from the private consultant confirming that this hasn’t happened as he said he would pass them on. since the appointment i have developed sclerosis of the eye and had an emergency same day appointment at my local hospital with a follow up in 3 weeks. I have emailed my concerns that they are different to the nhs one and the secretary said after 3 weeks that she would let him know when he gets back from holiday. For some reason I now have an appointment in July although I haven’t had the blood tests yet.

I really want to transfer to my local hospital rather than the one near where I work. I’m furious and don’t want to see him again as he didnt bother doing something important. On a different note there is no parking and you’re stuck the moment you go in as it doesn’t tell you there are no spaces and it has taken a month to get an appointment for the blood tests. My local one has loads of spaces and same day blood tests. Can I ask to do this? Hopefully this makes sense as I’m feeling let down and cross as I don’t know if the MRIs are the same or not.

Hi Dextermum, you should be able to change hospitals. You have to have a new referal through your GP.

They used to be better at doing this, but now a referal costs the GP practice money. However, take a list of the reasons why you want to change (wanting a more local hospital is one excellent reason) and hopefully he/she'll make the referal without a problem.

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Pat x

I didnt realise it would cost my gp money so will wait to July and see what happens. I checked the dates on the letter and the letter from the private consultant was written on the 17th of May (he copied it to the Nhs) and the letter giving me an appointment in July after being told I’d be seen in a year was written on the 19th of May which suggests that it is only due to me finding out he hadn’t compared the MRIs as he said. If he’d of done it properly in the first place it would have saved me the stress of not knowing and the money for the appointment.

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Just to let you know I have managed to get my GP to refer me to a different hospital after my neurologist at the first hospital just didn't want to know.  I didn't realise it cost the GP money but frankly i've paid Ni for many years and surely that's what it's for (in part anyway!!).  I explained I was unhappy with both the neurologist himself and the hospital as it is a small one and I wanted somewhere with better facilities and perhaps more on the ball information - ie. a teaching hospital closely linked with a univeristy medical department.  My GP was Ok with this but that may be that she is so sick of me she'll do anything ot get me out of the surgery.  Oh well - now I guess i just wait and wait and wait and wait for another appointment, I don't doubt it will take forever.  Go for it if you want to  - and good luck to you.

I've been referred for a second opinion also as I wasn't happy with my first neuro. He didn't listen or explain and seemed to just brush me off and say get on with it. I still have a review in 1 year with this neuro but will get my second opinion in the mean time before I decide what's best.

I knew it cost the GP surgeries but it was a decision I had to make. As Sara24 said what's the point in paying NI if you can't get the help when you need it.

Good luck