Changing hospital/neurologist

How would I go about changing my Neuro and hospital I’m currently having to make quite a trek to meet appointments and locally I have heard there is a really good Neuro. Is this something my GP could arrange?

I’m due to catch up with her in a couple of weeks so will chat to her then. Thanks.

Hi, I went to a different hospital at the beginning of my problems, because my GP said she was more pleased with the nurology dept there. But it was a 50 mile round trip. I was admitted for 4 days of steroids and it was a nightmare for hubby, getting in to visit me.

After a year or so, I spoke to my specialist about going to my local hospital and he was fine about it, so did the necessary.

If you find it easier, then ask your GP.


Yes I will just don’t know if they will have any free places.


Yes it’s easy to do. You may need to make a bit of noise but you don’t need to go through the GP necessary as your ms nurse can refer too.

I’ve changed my GP and MS nurse once and changed neuro’s/ hospital three times. I now have a team of people I’m happy with (for now :slight_smile: ) and it does make a difference. Definitely do your research as not all neuro’s are equal and some PCT’s are better then others. Sometimes it may be worth travelling a bit further so bear that in mind.

I changed my neuro by simply going to my GP and asking for a referral to a new one, as I wanted to switch to an MS specialist (my old one had been a general neuro). I simply told her which neuro and which hospital I wanted to go to and she did me a referral. As patients, we have the right to see who we want, where we want within the NHS. I actually switched from my local hospital to one that is over 1.5hrs away but I know I’m being looked after by a fantastic team so I don’t mind the trek!