A good place for first Neurology referral in the Midlands?


I hope someone could offer some advice on choosing a neurological hospital I live near Nottingham in the Midlands please?Its early days for me and the GP made an initial referral yesterday, hopefully I will be able to choose a hospital when it’s been assessed. They said it goes somewhere first that takes about a week. My parents are worried about me and want me to go Private for my initial consultation.

I’ve just had the results of a standard blood tests and all clear on that score.

I already have lots of health problems like Fibromyalgia which I’d kind of accepted and took on the chin after struggling to come to terms with the changes to my life.

Unfortunately I’ve been unsteady for a long time but it’s now worse and I feel off balance and utterly welded to my bed most of the time with fatigue and dizziness.

What made me see about seeing a Neurologist was weird electric shocks, micro spasms in my limbs, vibrating feelings and strange tinglings. I feel awful particularly when I wake up in the morning or after naps.

I wonder if someone would be kind enough to suggest somewhere or someone to try and see based on their experiences.



I have been to the QMC in Nottingham, they were good.


I have been to the QMC in Nottingham, they were good.

[/quote] Thanks for that, nice kitties btw