Recommendations for a private neurologist please...


completely brand new to this site so here goes…

i live in Worcestershire and was recently referred to a neurologist on the NHS. In short he was one of the worst people I’ve ever met and spoken to. I am now so worried about seeing another neurologist (maybe silly but the appointment really was upsetting) and am looking at going private for an initial appointment just to actually get some answers. Can anyone recommend any good neurologists who listen in the West Midlands/ Birmingham area? Thank you!

I dont think the site allows us to actually name consults, good or bad.

Personally I think we should be allowed, but I guess these consultants will be having the backs closely watched in case of slander ect.

Not that this will make you feel better, but I experienced the exact same thing 6 months when I visited my MS clinic with new symptoms but saw a different neuro to my original one.

She was an absolute joke !

She basically told me the symptoms were old ones, nothing new, no relapse and still RRMS.

Her advice was, do some stretch’s in the mornings, even though my left arm was numb from the elbow down (new symptom), my right leg had started to drag (new symptom), right hand numb on the palm (new symptom) and my walking distance had been reduced dramatically

6 months later I managed to get in to see my original consultant who almost immediately after examining me diagnosed that I was now SPMS, and that I had suffered a relapse, " most probably around the time that I had noticed the symptom changes".

Yep, there sure are good and bad in all walks of life, but having two fully trained and qualified neurologists offering a completely different diagnosis, but basing that diagnosis on the exact same symptoms is very concerning.

Maybe your GP could offer some advice on being referred elsewhere ?

I was going to suggest hitting the ‘near me’ tab on this website, but I just tried that for my own area and it was pretty useless. So I think you need someone who’s seen a decent private neuro in your area to send you a PM.

Hopefully such a miracle exists.


Thank you both. Completely understand why people can’t give names; didn’t even think about that stupidly! If anyone can PM me that would be wonderful though :slight_smile: