Recently Diagnosed, advice needed.

Hello everyone,

Im Wayne from the North East, and Ive just signed up to the forum to chat with people. Im after some advice on the current situation I find myself in.

I was diagnosed in May with RRMS, and had my first course of Lemtrada at the start of July. Ive not had any other disease modifying drugs, before or since.

I returned to work at the start of September, but Im finding it increasingly difficult. I worked as a Mechanical engineer for 22 years, but now work for a supermarket chain. I have to say my colleagues and employer have been very supportive, and understanding of my issues, but today we had a informal sit down just to update, and see what else they can do for me.

The question was asked if I felt I can do the job anymore, or if I think Ive gone back too soon (Ive missed a bit of work over the last few month. I understand where they are coming from with the silly season coming up, and incresed pressure from the company to meet targets etc.

Truth be told, over the last couple weeks, Ive asked myself the same question for the first time. Im very old school, Ive always worked, and Im trying to “just get on with it”. Im only 39, and hate to think the worst of this.

Im wondering if anybody else has been in a similar situation with work, and a new diagnosis?

Feel a little bit like Im in limbo, my GP says my care is in the hands of the consultant and nurses. Ive got a appointment to see them end of the month, but things have happened so fast since May, I really dont know how to get my head around things.

Sorry for the rambling post.

Much love and light


Hi Wayne

No need to apologise. That’s great that your colleagues & boss are supportive. My employer has been amazing, and it’s such a blessing. They’ve helped me to adapt & have made a role for me that’s a perfect fit. I reduced my hours a bit, and can work from home & do flexitime, rather than a have specific start/end time. Does your employer have an HR department you could speak to? Hopefully they would look at ways of making your job easier. That may involve a change of task, or reducing your hours. Get in touch with Access to Work too. It’s a government scheme to help people with disabilities to work. They can do things like funding specialist equipment, or paying for transport to work.

Hope you find the right solution.


Be slightly cautious of so called ‘informal’ meetings. Slightly different as my wife was off sick following an industrial injury but new manager came in and after managing to get another person to agree to leaving(dismissal for incapability), tried to get my wife in for a chat the next working day from phone call,when pushed revealing her desire for my wife to agree to her own dismissal! I came home and we emailed Hr to inform them of the managers attempt to ignore procedures etc and she would not be attending this disciplinary meeting. Long story but we delayed it(her dismissal) for about 7 months cos i had some friends who are union reps who set me off on the right course.My wifes union wouldn’t help as she joined too late(after initial accident).

Bottom line is you cant trust many employers to act correctly if they think they can get away with doing otherwise.If you are not in a union i recommend you get the advise of the equality commission in respect of the potential of you being protected under the Equality act 2010,and the kind of ‘reasonable adjustments’ your company could be expected to make(as long as they are aware of the issue).Being a busy time of year etc really is not your problem,don’t agree to anything without some sort of representation or pro advise.

My wife is still unable to work and its coming up 2 years now with the original injury and now almost certain Ms and would give anything to be able to have a routine of work rather than being stuck at home so please don’t give it up too easy

Good luck


Good advice form Ollie. Don’t assume that your employers have your best interests at heart - beware the ‘kind’ suggestions which may well see you being eased towards leaving. Familiarise yourself with your rights - e.g. reasonable adjustments, time off for hospital appointments etc. and be prepared to have to fight for those rights. If you feel you have a problem then take advice from a lawyer specialising in employment and disability. It will cost you but you’ll be surprised at how a mention of a lawyer to employers will ensure they do things correctly.

Thank you for the replies, and suggestions. Im in the GMB, never thought to include them with my current employer. Since my intial post, Ive spoken to the deputy manager who has said its never been discussed about them wanting me to go, quite the opposite in fact. They have put many options forward for me to think about, none of them include me leaving.

Im going to make my union rep aware of the situation, but not going to make any decisions until Ive spoke to the MS Nurses and consultant on the 29th.

Much love.

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