Advice regarding employment required

Hi there,

I’ve not been on here in a while since being diagnosed with RRMS back in April 2013! When diagnosed I was with a previous employer and they were very understanding through my diagnosis etc.

since then I’ve started with a new company and have the boss from hell. I’ve been having bowel problems recently and in the last week I’ve had legs like jelly! I stayed off of work Wednesday/thursday this week and returned to work on Friday as I was climbing the walls wanting to get back to work! I got access to a walking stick just to give me a bit of support. My boss was not understanding what so ever basically came across that I was an inconvenience as I should not be at work due to the fact that they would need to do a risk assessment! Which I understand due to health and safety but they won’t even give me the option to work from home! So I’ve been to to stay off work until they do a risk asessment And I’ve been told to get a letter from my ms nurse stating im fit to go back to work! I Feel im more than capable to do my job but the won’t let me! My boss even had the cheek to turn around to me in a meeting and say you told me in your interview that you had ms but it shouldn’t effect your work!

Im so angry and not sure where I stand with my rights etc.

Any advice would be great!

Hello Leighx87

I sympathise with your situation and the way it is making you feel.

It is important that your employer makes sure that they are meeting their obligations but it doesn’t sound like they are going about it in the best way.

I would suggest you do two things. Firstly ask your employer to refer you to their occupational health advisors - I’m surprised they haven’t done that already. That way you will be able to talk to a doctor or specialist nurse (in confidence) who will then advise your employer as to what adjustments they need to make to help you at work.

Secondly, you could contact the Disability Law Service. They provide an advice service for people with MS - funded by the MS Society. They are very helpful.

I hope this helps a bit and very best wishes to you.


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