MS and Work

I use to be bad at keeping work informed as to what I had going on with my MS. And was told its better to be open with them so they now and can accommodate me when in going through a relapse or similar, well last week I had to have a further MRI scan which I don’t like I get very stressed , well the next day when I woke up I had a really bad head felt bait sick and was also very tired, so I phoned and did not go into work that day but went back the next, anyway the next thing is they are going on about if me coming to work was the best for me as the fatigue is quiet bad at the moment , so my line manager has said I have a meeting with him and are HR Person on Friday, they are saying that maybe I should see.a oc health person to see if it’s best for me to be going to work, I have tried to explain to them how I feel and also that I am waiting on my results as I had to come of my DMD about 4 months ago as I was not getting on with the one I was on (Beta Interferon) as I was finding the injections very painful so we are just waiting on seeing my consultant at the end of the month for them to make a disses ion, do they not realise that the pressure they put on me makes things worse Sorry it this seems like a rant ut it’s all stressing me out

Hi I agree with Pat, it sounds to me like they are trying to help you. Take this opportunity to express your worries and ask for what you might need to help you. I see this as a positive move for you tbh, just tell it like it is, don’t argue or anything with them (not that I’m suggesting that you would) you need them on your side. Cheryl:-)

It depends on many things; Does your contract of employment contain a pension scheme either paid or unpaid? If so there is probably a clause about Early Retirement Due to Ill Health (ERIH).

I don’t know your age and every scheme differs but it could mean an immediate pension until your 65 or it could mean a pension for life. Plus you may be able to commute some of your pension into lump sum.

If you did not want to go down this route and wanted to stay employed your employers must find out the extent; prognosis so they can put ‘reasonable adjustments’ in place to help. This meeting is just that; they obviously must find out; this is a legal requirement the first hoop in many they must jump through.

So don’t worry; take someone with you; Union Rep. Colleague; husband.

Good luck