Rebif storage

Hi I put my unit with cartridge in tge fridge Sunday as it would have been out two weeks. Got it out this am as that’s what the nurse sais to do so its room temperature by the time I do my jab tonight but do I then put it back in if there is still some left in the cartridge?. Im told once I’m not on titration the cartridges won’t last any longer than two weeks so it can then just be kept out? Thanks x

Not sure why this isnt showing so hope replying might help x

Hi when I was on titration with rebif I put the rebismart back in the fridge after my injection.I was told by the nurse at the time that the drug does not keep as long.but after titration you probably be on full dose so at that point after you take the cartridge out of the fridge to put in your rebismart then it can be left out the rest of the cartridges you keep in fridge until you need them.I hope this helps you if you need to no any more please let me know. Anne.

LISALOU- i was just wandering because i had my first rebif injection yesterday how you are getting on on rebif? have you just started them recently also? are you experiencing maby side effects?


Thanks Anne… for some reason I posted that yesterday am and the moderator held it. Not sure why. Lukily my m.s came back to me with the answers. Thanks though x I’m presuming your called Rose? Ive been on it nearly three weeks. Went up to 22 yesterday. On 8 I’ve had nothing…today ive had a headache which has gone now and felt a bit sick. But I had a sore head before doing my jab last night. It could be this sticky weather too. But overall nothing. Feel a bit tearful at times but nothing major and to be honest was like that before. Think that’s to do with the effects of the last relapse. I am considering going back on my anti dep but will see as this varies. I really don’t think it’s connected to the rebif. I was a needle phobic but surprisingly find it easy to do.i have been left with some site marks. See my post titled site marks as there is sone advice on there that might interest you x how you doing so far? Xxxx


I keep my cartridges in the fridge and only take them out once a week when I’ve done my injections for the week.

I religiously use the cold pack 5 minutes before injecting now too - no pain or stinging when injecting so I think it’s well worth it!!!

Take care

Pen xx

Do you mean Pen that touts,e one out once a week for your unit and that stays out for the week? I’ve done the cold pack thing once but keep forgetting to get it out…oops x

Oops that meant to say do you mean Pen that you take one cartridge out once a week for your unit and that stays out for the week until it runs out and you go onto your next? X

Hi Lisalou, that’s what I do. I am on rebif 22mcg with a rebismart. I put one cartride a week in and leave it in the machine in it’s case in the holdel that came with it for all 3 doses. I don’t put it in the fridge as it can be kept out for 2 weeks. I only store the rebif cartridges in the fridge until neede. Hope this helps. Dawn xx


Yeah that’s about it - every Friday after my last injection the Rebismart tells me to replace the cartridge as it’s empty - so I do so after injecting and that’s the following week’s injections ready to go starting Monday.

Seems to be ok and I think I read it was ok to keep it in the Rebismart out of the fridge for up to 14 days anyway.

Oooohhh you have to use the cold pack - set a reminder on your phone or something for 10 mins or so before you’re due your injection. I refuse to do my injection unless I’ve had it on the injection site and it’s completely numbed the area (this evening it was quite funny - I had the pack shoved in the back of my jeans as it was “left buttock injectin site day” and I was frantically putting the washing on at the same time - my daughter did laugh when I walked past her room). It didn’t bother me though - anything to avoid the pain and stinging!!!

Take care

Pen xx

I did my leg today for the first time all I can say is OUCH!!! and my leg is numb lol. I must remember my cool pack. I keep forgetting to use it. Thanks Pen x


Don’t forget to contact MySupport and request them to send another cold pack - I did as my MySupport nurse suggested so I could keep one in the freezer and use one heated if required.

Once you start the 44mcg dose it doesn’t take the “10 seconds” from start to finish - more like 20 seconds and stinging while the medication is administered. All the more reason to use a cold pack straight from the freezer!! But I’ve still not suffered any horrid side effects apart from a niggly headache so I won’t complain.

Oh and MySupport will post the additional cold pack to you for free too :slight_smile:

Take care

Pen xx

I will do hun. I keep forgetting. Will try and remember to do it tomorrow. Why does it take longer when your dose is 44? Not looking fwd to that, 10seconds seems like ages now. And I will try and makes sure I use that cold pack even if I delay the actual jab by about half hour. I go on holiday next week so it may end up that my jab is a couple of hours later. Apparently it won’t matter. I’m hoping I won’t get any worse side effects either. The headache and sickly feeling I can cope with although though I was going to be sick when I took my lil boy to pre school this morning which would have been mega embarrassing. Think I was probably thinking about it too much. By 11ish I felt fine other than the niggly headache which had gone by twelvish. Xxx

I was advised by ms nurse to use an anaesthetic cream called EMLA with Tegaderm dressings. It was two prescription costs all the time so I got myself one of those NHS per paid certificates where you pay about £10 monthly instead. However that cream was the best thing I ever did and probably the only reason I could stick with Rebif and the injections for so long. You just squeeze some cream on and cover with a dressing for about 1/2 hour before you inject. Hope this is useful info.

Hi all, it’s interesting to hear how people are getting on with rebif. I’ve tried with the coldpack again to try to minimise the bad site reactions I’m getting. I’m now keeping it on for about 3 mins after injecting and it has helped a little. I’m going to try Pens suggestion of using the pack for a good while before the injection to see if it stops the jab hurting so much. Blimey, Lou, I wish my jab only lasted 10 seconds, I’m constantly having to adjust the injection time and am now on 20 seconds as I sometimes get a “wet” injection where some of the med still comes out. My nurse reckoned that he had people who have to keep the needle in for 25 seconds. Still not getting any flu effects which is great. Sometimes feel teary but I really can’t say whether that’s the Rebif or the relapse I’m having at the mo.

What happens then if you reduce the duration? What are the differences between a shorter and longer one? Just wondering, I’ve not looked at any of that but did feel my one in Tuesday took longer but as I went up a dose I presume this is why? Xxxx

Apologies I have replied but its been held for some reason. I don’t get why they keep being held. The ones I’ve posted that have been held are for advice?

If you reduce the duration, the speed at which the Rebif is injected is faster but as fudgey said sometimes it will leak out again and lay on top of the skin. This used to happen to me and it worried me that I wasn’t getting the full dose. I don’t actually feel it going in, once the needle has pierced the skin I don’t feel anything after that so I have set the needle speed to fast and the injection rate to slow. I forget what the actual settings are called on the Rebismart but I think that’s what they are called. That gives the Rebif time to absorb properly under the skin so it doesn’t leak out and I haven’t had any big wet patches on my skin since setting the device to these settings.


Tracey x

I’m just about to start with the rebismart after 10years plus with the autoject. My ms nurse told me not to keep the rebismart in the fridge. The conversation has just made me think about what about the cartridge in the device. Rebif can be kept out of the fridge for 14 days so all should be fine for a week. I’m hope it is a more comfortable experience than the old pen! Sara x

My m.s nurse said the same but on titration the first cartridge lasts longer than two weeks so it had to go in the fridge. However she advised to get it out first thing in the morning for my evening jab. After when the max dose is reached apparently one cartridge will last a week exactly. I’m still on the first cartridge on titration and its nearly three weeks. Good luck Sara x Tracy I often get a bit of wet after jab but the m.s nurse said that this was fine as it was only a bit. She said not to be concerned. Thanks for the advice on settings. Think I may need to experiment. I’d like to find one that won’t leave marks. All seem to be leaving a slight mark, although I’d rather this than side effects. Just done second dose of 22 so will see whether I get any side effects. Xxxx