Rebif storage

Hi everyone, I’m on holiday and have brought some rebif injections away with me. They were transported with an ice pack and were kept cold all the way here and put straight in the fridge. Yesterday in my caution to turn everything off, I accidentally turned the plug off for the fridge and the fridge has been off in a hot room for almost 24hrs. My injection felt at room temperature then. The fridge is now back on but I don’t know if my injection will be ok or if I should miss this dose and start again on Sunday when I’m home. I don’t want the injection to make me sick because I’ve stored it incorrectly. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks

Hi Enclosed link should help Read the section on storage. Take it easy & enjoy yourself Mike

Hi Louise!

I left my injection out one night and completely forgot to use it. This was a couiple of years ago. It was during a mini heat wave and i was told to disregard it. Yours however has not got as warm as mine if it is at room temperature.

My advice would be to contact the rebif support line so they can advise you and you have peace of mind. You know you have done the correct thing then.

there uk number is - 0800 783 4660

hope this helps

enjoy your hols!

Teresa. x