Get your RebiSmart in the fridge!

Title says it really, hadn’t occured to me but my Rebif nurse was round on Friday and he said that as it’s so warm it should be in the fridge now instead of being left out. Apparently it’s ok up to 25 degrees, and it’s been higher than that. He said to take it out for half an hour before injection else it will sting more but otherwise keep it in the fridge.

Thought I’d mention it in case anyone else hadn’t realised.

I only wish there was room to get in the fridge with it!

Mines under the stairs in a cupboard which seems cooler than the rest of the house. However I wondered what happens to the meds if ir gets hotter than 25? In case mine has. I don’t think it has. My nurse said the fridge can damage the machine you see and if it goes in the fridge to fet it out the morning of the jab but then I’m not sure that would make a difference to it getting too hot? Xxx

I see the My support nurse who showed me how to inject and said the rebismart is fine in the fridge, but not the needles!

She never said what to do with the meds if they did actually get to hot!

I might give them a ring. X

I was told the rebismart should go in the fridge (in its storage box), but not the needles. If it gets too hot (or too cold for that matter) the medicine spoils and basically doesn’t work, so would be pointless to inject. X

PS we went into a lot of detail on this as I was debating whether to start injections before or after our holiday this month, as the temp will be about 30C each day! That was before the temp went mad here!

I rung rebif support. He said if its in a cupboard it should be fine as the temp in a cupboard is not in direct sunlight so should not reach a high temp as its not consistently above 25 for days all day. If it continued to be above 25 from early on till evening and for weeks then they’d suggest putting it in the fridge but the fridge can damage the unit. He said to leave it out. Xxx


When I was on the titration period my Rebismart wouldn’t start on an injection day after I had taken it out of the fridge 1/2 hour before injection was due. I called MySupport who talked me through it, eventually requesting I take out the battery, give it a wipe and put it back in. He said the fridge can do strange things to the Rebismart so I was pleased once I finished titration the period so the Rebismart could stay on my bedside cabinet.

My Rebismart is in my bedroom which has a ceiling fan going all day and night - I might buy a thermometer tomorrow just to check what the temperature is in my bedroom - just in case.

Hope everyone is keeping as cool as they can during this weather - I went to my parents today who have a pool and eventually got in there to cool down (it was very nice too - just bobbing on one of those big donut rings) - it was nice to actually be out in the fresh air :slight_smile:

Take care

Pen xx

I keep mine in the cupboard under the stairs and it feels no where near as hot as other parts of the house but I thought I’d check anyway. When I was on the titration the nurse told me to get it out the morning of the jab to be sure the unit would work. Ooh wish I had a pool handy… Nearest we get is the paddling pool. But that was lovely on my little feet. Aching today as I had a day in Manchester yesterday with my mum. It was brilliant. Hope your doing well Pen? Xxx

I’m fairly sure you can remove the cartridge from the Rebismart and put it in the fridge and then re-insert it half an hour before injection time so that you don’t have to store the whole thing in the fridge. I would have thought that the cold of the fridge might play havoc with the batteries.

Normally I haven’t been too worried as my home seems quite cool compared to outside temperatures as my previous house had very thick walls and my new home is very well insulated, being a modern house. I keep the Rebismart in a cupboard which also feels cooler than the room temperature as well.

Tracey x