Hi All

So i’ve just taken delivery of my first lot of Rebif, and everything on the invoice was in the box.

I feel a bit stupid as I know I’ve been told what to do with it all, but now I actually have it all I don’t know what to do!

Was there supposed to be a rebismart device with the delivery, if so what does it look like?

Also is it only the Rebif that goes into the fridge, and does it stay in the coolbag?


Freckles xxx

Hi Freckles

I’m not sure about your Rebismart - it may come as a separate delivery. I was originally on a different (brutal!) auto injector before the Rebismart. Hopefully someone else can advise you about that.

The Rebif goes in the fridge. I just used to put it in the fridge in its box, not in the coolbag. The coolbag, I thought, was if I needed to take it overnight anywhere and needed to keep it cool on the journey for instance.

You will get full training again when you do the first injection, so you can ask lots of questions then. There is also the helpline and nothing is a stupid question. When do you actually start injecting?

Hope it all goes well. In a few weeks’ you will be an old hand at it and you will wonder what you were worried about.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey

I just spoke to ms team co-ordinator, and the rebismart shoud have come with the delivery, but didn’t!

Thought I was cracking up, as knew I’d been told it would all come together.

We went through everything in the box and there was definately no rebismart. Although they had sent four boxes of batteries, and a screwdriver!!!

Kept getting the giggles as I spoke to her, felt so stupid!

Oh well gave her a good laugh anyway, she said I’d brightened her day. (I have my uses!)

freckles xxx