help with rebif and rebismart


I started on my rebif injections on the 30th july, i was issued the rebif smart to do them. While in hospital the ms nurse showing me how to work the machine told me the rebif cartridge can stay in the device for a week.

As i am only starting on 8.8mg at present (working my way up 44mg) i was worried about throwing away more than half a cartridge at the end of the week so i phoned the ms nurse in the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. This is where my problems began.

The nurse that answered the phone told me the cartridge can be stored in the rebif smart for 2 weeks not just one and also told me that the red blotches i was getting at the injection sites were an allergic reaction and i might have to change medication, however, the nurse that i had on the 30th told me that the red blotches were normal and should hopefully settle down. The blotches are NOT sore, hot or itchy.

I have completely conflicting advice from two ms nurses and it’s very confusing. Any help would be very much appreciated.



I understand your confusion.

I have also recently started on Rebif. I had a few queries so rang the Rebif support line who were really helpful. I will see if I can find the number but you will probably have it with all the bumbf you were given.They are open till 9 I think as they rang me today.

I also have red blotches and have been told they are perfectly normal!

Good luck



The number is 0800 783 4660.

I was told that the Rebif could be out of the fridge for 4 weeks so I see no reason for you to throw it out .

Good Luck


Thanks so much for the reply. I will give them a wee tinker tomorrow and try to get a definite answer and put my mind at rest.