rebif my 2nd week

Hi everyone, Although this is my first post I have been visiting this this over thw last 2 years since i was diagnosed… So I started on rebif with the rebismart a little over 2 weeks ago, and have just done my 2nd 22mg dose. So far through this titration period no side effects :slight_smile: I hope it stays this way!! What I am actually trying to find out is how long the first titration cartridge is supposed to last, I have done the 2 weeks of 8.8mg and now 2 doses of 22mg and according to my device it will let me do another dose out of the first cartridge does this sound right. I didnt think it would last this long??? Thank you :wink: Xx

Unfortunatley I cant answer your question as I’m SP and on no DMD’s :frowning: but thought I’d reply just to bump you up the board in a hope that someone will give you the answer your looking for. Oh and welcome by the way Sue x


I went straight on to 22mg and at the time used a different auto injector with pre-filled single use syringes but with a little maths I think I can answer your question.

I now use the Rebismart and do 3 x 44mg injections per week out of a single cartridge.

This means that a cartridge contains 3 x 44 = 132mg.

You have already completed 2 weeks of 3 injections at 8.8mg each and 2 doses of 22mg so:-

6 x 8.8 = 52.8

2 x 22 = 44

Subtotal = 96.8

132 - 96.8 = 35.2mg (this is what is now left in your cartridge)

Answer = yes, your cartridge will let you complete another injection out of the initial cartridge.

Hope this helps. It’s great that you haven’t had any side effects, I doubt you will get any now as your body should be getting used to Rebif. It sounds as if you are coping really well.

Tracey x

Hi jem1106,

Glad to hear that you started rebif two weeks ago and is going well (and hope it continues to do so). I made a decision this Wednesday to start my 11 year old son on Rebif aswell and it was a positive to read your column I hope my son does’nt get any side affects aswell.

Good luck and well done.

Thank you for your kind comments, Spursfan - I hope your son gets along with rebif ok, good luck :slight_smile: Xx