Titrating Rebif

I had a bad experience with Rebif 44 (dreadful symptoms) and have been advised to titrate from 8.8 instead. What I’d like to ask is can I use the 44 vial in my Rebif machine to do this? I have fiddled with the settings and it seems possible, but can the drug be in the machine for 6 injections? Any ideas?

Hi No I don’t think you can. I have just had my first dose of Rebif 44 last night boy it hit me for six. Anyway I started off on 8.8 dose for two weeks then 22 for two weeks. I had to throw away the vial after my last 22 dose because it is half the strength of Rebif 44 and comes in a different coloured box. In other words for a dose of 22 you are injecting the same amount of liquid as rebif 44 but it is half the strength if that makes sense. I would speak to your nurse about what you should do. Hope that helps Mish x

Meant to add I use a Rebismart machine. That was my understanding from my nurse about the different strengths. I got a starter pack when I began that had two vials which lasted four weeks. Always best to check it out with your own nurse though.

Many thanks, didn’t think it would be possible to do it. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with the 44, it hit me like a tonne of bricks!

Best wishes

Hope you managed to get hold of your nurse to ask about your Rebif dose. Just taken my second dose of 44 and can feel it starting again. Doh! Saw the SENSE nurse today and she said second one might not be as bad. Hmmm …let you know in morning! Lol Fingers crossed for the both of us : ) Mish x