Rebif and sore eyes

Second post this morning on a similar theme. I sometimes get sore eyes after I inject 44 rebif. I have some spare 22 rebif in my fridge. Thinking of trying that to see if using that instead of 44 might solve my sore eyes problem. My Rebif 22 is dated 19/6/12 - can I still use it??? Does anyone know how effective 22 is vs 44? I seem to remember being told 44 was only 3% more effective. There is a good chance I may be totally wrong on this one. Going to contact Rebif company and MS nurse. But thought I would ask all of my very wise friends here. Many many thanks Min xx

Hi Min!

I really don’t think its a good idea to use the 22. It is out of date and may make you ill.

I’ve been on rebif a few years but not had sore eyes with it.

When i was on 22 my neuro said i could stay on it without moving up if i wanted and if i relapsed then they would move me up to 44 then.

It was my choice to go up to 44 because i didnt want to risk a relapse if 22 was not enough.

The question is this…have you relapsed on 44? if so then don’t go down to 22.

If you have not relapsed on 44 then 22 may still keep you relapse free but is it a risk worth taking?

Of course you need to discuss this with the ms nurse/neuro before you decide what to do. If the problem with your eyes is really bothering you then they might suggest changing dmd.


Thanks Teresa Good advice. Yes relapsing on 44 so would agree would be foolish to go down to 22. I hadn’t thought of that. Hugs Min xx

I still feel you need to discuss your eye problem though Min. I’ve never heard of this symptom before with Rebif.

If you have had relapses on 44 and with the added problem of your eyes they might suggest another dmd.

Take care


Hi Min

I agree with Teresa. I’ve not heard of sore eyes being a side effect of Rebif so think it is more likely a problem specific to you and may be your MS playing up again. I think you do need to speak to your nurse about it so it can, at least, be logged on your record.

Hope it soon passes.

Tracey x

Thanks Guys I have previously mentioned sore eyes to MS nurse and neuro and rebif company. All say they have never heard of it. Went to see ophthalmologist to get my eyes checked out. Result was no problem with eyes. Advice was visit A &E when eyes are sore to get them checked out then. Haven’t done this yet. Seeing MS nurse next week so will mention to her again. Yes Tracey I agree important to have it logged on my record. However good news is I injected in my right tummy last night and no sore eyes. I really do think that it is site specific. Thanks for all of your replies Hugs Min x