Rebif-blood tests

Hello lovely people,

I’ve not been on here for some time, I hope you’re all as well as can be!

I started injecting Rebif in June, and have been having the usual blood tests. The last one came back abnormal showing some issues with my liver function (not really sure what) I had to have a repeat blood test and am waiting for the results.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this, and if so what happened if the repeat bloods came back abnormal.

Cheers all

Freckles xxx

Hi Freckles, I used to be on Rebif & had the usual blood tests, there was a query once & I had to be re-tested. My GP got the results 2days later & all was well. Sometimes it can just be a blip, nothing to worry about. Hope your’s is ok

Rosina x

Hi Freckles

My mom had this problem with Rebif. She had to come off the rebif for a little while but once her liver function went back to normal she went back on it again. Depending on the dose you take they may just lower the dosage x

Thanks both for the replies. I think everything with ms seems to be trial and error!

Freckles xxx

I have been on rebif since end of July and nobody has mentioned blood tests how often should these be done? x

Hi Hopefull, when I was on Rebif the blood tests were done every three months, looks like you’d be due one anytime soon, can you check with your MS nurse or GP?

Rosina x

Hi Hopeful,

I’ve been having blood tests every four weeks since I started Rebif in June. It was due to go up to every six weeks before the results showed up some problem with my liver function.

I’m assuming different areas have different systems, (I’m in Swansea) don’t really know too much about it all only dx for definite in April this year. It’s a massive learning curve and we all seem to have different things that affect us- clever lot aren’t we!

Freckles xxx

Thanks for the info Freckles and Rosina looks like I had better check into it all. x

Hi All

My repeat bloods also showed a high level of something to do with my liver function. I have to stay off Rebif for a while and have fortnightly blood tests until liver function returns to normal.

Seems like most treatments come with baggage!

Freckles x