Possible liver damage?? Should I be worried

Hi folks

I’ve received a letter from Neurologist to say my ALT & ALP levels raised and he suggests repeat blood tests with GP.

I belive this is to do with liver function but can anyone explain in more detail please. I am injecting Betaferon and am taking a myriad of drugs.

If this is to do with Beterferon (which it probably is). I am wondering if it’s time to think about giving up on it. I have been told I am almost certainly S/P, am having frequent flare ups, though milder than before Betaferon. (I think)!

Thank you for

Wendy x

Thanks Val; will see my GP but will also ask my pharmacist if there is a chance other drugs are causing a problem too.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, I had this earlier this year, but didn’t realise how bad it was until I turned yellow! And felt very unwell, my tests came back hepatitis drug related!! Oh my god, I don’t take drugs, I nearly fainted haha. Hubby looking at me funny, thinking I might have something to tell him, anyway, after a weeks stay in hospital the levels started to come down, still not normal, but I feel fine now. I had to come off Rebif, as this was the cause. The normal levels should be around 40. Mine was over a 1000 (the only drug I took then) I’m now on waiting list for another drug. I hope you get on ok xxxxxx

Thanks for that Shellie, I will make sure I see GP and have some extra blood tests done. I’ve been on Betaferon for more than 3 years now and like Val there is nothing else I will be allowed. Wow 1000 no wonder you went yellow. I’ll watch out for any colour change lol.

I do hope you have better luck with a new drug.

Take care, Wendy xxxx

Hi Wendy! I used to inject Beta interferon 3 times a week for 6 years & I stopped using it now because is not a cure for MS. I had MS for 15 going 16 years now Rahma XX

And thank God that I can still walk & do the usual things, but started to feel very tired lately. Who knows it could be the weather she says haha. Will see, thinks I need another holiday!’ Lol Rahma XX

Thank you for your replies Rahma, I know it doesn’t stop progression of the disease but it helps with relapses. I am back on the Jenilek diet as well as injecting Betaferon. It doesn’t hurt to do the low fat diet and you never know it could help my MS.

Wendy x

I was on Rebif for 15 yrs, bizarre how it went wrong after all this time, since I haven’t been on it, I’ve had a relapse that won’t ease up, so they were obviously doing good for me, shame really, but don’t miss injecting xxxx