Liver Function

Just been to see my local nurse and its been indicated that there may be a problem with my liver on my blood test. I do take rebif and Im fully aware that this can sometimes cause liver problems. I will be seeing my gp next following another blood test, but can anyone tell me if I do need to come off rebif because of this will anything else be available to me?



Hi, my liver results went haywire when I went onto Rebif 44, especially the ALT which went upto about 195 (had been about 20). I had a break of about 6 weeks then started back on Rebif 22. Been on that dose for about two months and my liver results are fine on that. Maybe your neuro/ms nurse might suggest lowering the dose? It could be worth a try. Hope your blood tests this week are ok Lilbill x

Hey I had problems with my liver function test a little while ago. I am on rebif 22. I had to get re-tested by my GP and the results were normal. She re-tested me 6 weeks later and the results came back normal again. My GP told me you can have a jump in your tests one day and it can be back to normal the next.

Hi Kelly

I had recurring problems with my liver when I was on Rebif. I was always told to not take it for a week, and that was usualy enough to get the blood test results back up. However eventully my neuro decided I should stop taking it. There are other treatments that could be available though - things like Betaferon, Avonex, or Tysabri. If you speak to your MS nurse or neuro about it they’ll be able to give you more info.

Hope your liver gets back to normal.


Thanks all, I will keep you posted once Ive seen my doctor next week