Blood test results and Rebif


I have just received blood test results- my first since starting Rebif in August. The letter from Neuro said there is a slightly elevated gamma GT level of 91. Is this level usual for people on Rebif? I do take paracetemol and amiltryptiline too. Any replies especially from rebif users much appreciated as this is all quite new to me still.

I posted a question about my blood results on rebif a couple of days ago, 0 replies tho. I have no idea what yours means either, lol. I can’t find it on the print out of my test. Mine shows low neutrophil count which is a condition called neutropenia. But I’ve spoken to my MS nurse and she has reassured me. I’ve been on rebif for a couple of months I’m probably not the best advocate to be fair! I’ve been off work for two weeks with tonsilitus because my immune system is fluffed. I would suggest talking to your ms nurse if you have one. Or the nurse who taught you how to do rebif. Good luck, Suz xx

Hi there

I’m waiting to go on Avonex but having to wait due to liver results. Found out that the beta inferon’s work their way through your liver and can elavate the blood levels. My Gamma GT has gone as high as 258, and increased ALT as well, also have a slightly fatty liver. Neuro will not allow me to go on anything yet till I can get these levels reduced and may have to go on Copaxone as this does not impact the liver. I would think that they will monitor the Gamma GT for a while - but if you have had any infections lately this can raise the liver results, my last test had gone up a bit but I was getting over a cold so was not too much of a suprise. As if we don’t have enough thing to worry about!

Hope it comes back down again soon


Hi, I am on betaferon, and as far as I can make out, the tests often go out with the normal range, nothing to worry about, they will just keep an eye on them and they may well just sort themselves out. Cheryl:)

Thanks for replying, I’m pretty sure the blood test results must be ok otherwise the MS team at the hospital would have got in touch.