Liver function


I’ve been on Betaferon for 3 months and my liver function blood test is high, I’m on half dose but it’s gone higher again (not dangerously high) so not sure what will happen if it doesn’t come down. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing? My MS nurse is keeping a close eye on things and is liaising with the Neurologist so I’m being well looked after. Any thoughts or similar experiences gratefully received.

Cheryl x

Hi at my last annual MOT with my GP, my liver test was also higher than it should be. The test was repeated at 4 weekly intervals and it is now back to normal.

I wasnt given any extra meds to fix the problem , nor was i told much about what it meant.

Glad to hear your MS nurse is keeping tabs on you.


I’ve been on Betaferon for 10 years and have a blood test once a year. My LFT wasn’t right one year but athough a copy of the results was sent to my GP, nothing ever happened about it. It was back to normal the following year so it can’t have been anything to worry about.

Thanx for the posts, just had another blood test, MS nurse should phone me next week with the results. So fingers crossed xx