Question About Liver Enzymes.

Hi all,a couple of weeks ago I went for my blood test and have got a letter from my MS nurses saying I have to have it retested in a couple of weeks as my liver enzymes are slightly raised.Could it be the Betaferon causing this or something else.Could it be excessive alcohol consumption as I’ve been finising all the wine and beer left over from Christmas.Hope it’s the latter cos even tho’ I like a drink,I don’t want to change DMD’s,thanks,Dave.

Hi Dave,

I have been on Rebif for some time and I always have to have a blood (liver) test twice a year. I thought that this was just the routine, as I haven’t had any ill effects yet, but I am sure that your MS nurse will be able to tell you exactly what they are looking for. Good luck with that second test.

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Dave, I have blood tests once a year because of the Betaferon and the liver result was up one time, about 4 years ago. I didn’t notice it on the end of the letter he sent to the GP so didn’t do anything about it but when I was tested the following year it was normal again and has been ever since.

Presumably the GP wasn’t worried because I didn’t get called in (maybe he didn’t notice it either!).

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Hi I am on rebif and my first blood tests taken about 6 weeks after starting show elevated liver enzymes. It is quite normal I think for this to happen initially and my GP said to have a repeat blood test in a couple of months and hopefully the levels will be back to normal.


My liver enzymes waited about a year to rise - always a bit slow on the uptake!! Anyway, they went from raised @ 123, to 83 and then to 66 which was apparently just above normal and not a problem. It’s not unusual for DMDs to cause a raise and with any luck is just a blip.

I too had my blood test (on Rebif) at the beginning of Jan after a good week or so of excess christmas alcohol intake so I am waiting to see!!