Liver enzymes up - again. Anyone else with this problem?

Hi all

I had my blood tested last week to check that my post Tecfidera lymphocytes are recovering. When I got the result (up a tiny bit to 0.6) I was also told that my LFTs were up and have I started any new drug to account for this?

To which my answer was yes, Betmiga (for bladder spasms). Which of course I have now stopped and have seen my GP to arrange for repeat bloods in a weeks time. So hopefully this’ll resolve it fairly speedily.

This is the third time I’ve had liver enzymes (ALT and AST) elevated due to a drug reaction. So far, this time they’re not as high as they were as a result of Tysabri, at only 4 times and two times respectively the maximum normal levels, but I still feel a bit more crappy than usual particularly with severe fatigue.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I’m feeling generally cheesed off because of this, I’d already faced up to the fact that I’m unlikely to be able to have any other DMD because of my LFT problem with Tysabri, lymphocyte depletion on Tecfidera, cognitive trouble on Avonex, and failure of Copaxone to stop relapses.

But to have LFT trouble again due to a different drug (most likely). Well, it just takes the biscuit. I don’t want anyone else to have this kind of drug reaction history, obviously, but it might make me feel a bit less picked on if anyone else had experiences like mine. And especially if you’ve had drug reactions but have found a DMD that doesn’t have these kind of effects.



Hi Susssue

I have had raised enzymes in my liver a while back, apparently everyone seems to think I’m an alcoholic but I rarely drink, I was on Omeprozale for my heartburn and at the time Nortriptyline and these both state in leaflet that comes with them they can caused abnormal blood results Ie: enzymes. Not sure if I still have them as nobody has mentioned it again.

This is not much help I know. Im sorry your having such problems and are feeling unwell with the fatigue i am suffering with it at the moment as well it seems to drag on and on doesn’t it . out of the last month I have had about 3 days of actually feeling ok. It’s no wonder everyone seems to be given Antidepressents.

Im not on any DMD yet ( I am yet to qualify) . I really hope you get sorted soon.

The best of luck

Ann x

Hi Ann

Thanks for replying.

Raised liver enzymes don’t always mean anything about alcohol use! I know this because I’ve had an ultra sound scan of my liver and there is absolutely no sign of damage caused by alcohol (or anything else). Which was a relief, cos in my days of working in London I drank like a fish. I’m much more moderate these days but I do still drink wine. Apparently my liver looked the picture of health. This was when I had the most severe hepatitis caused by a drug reaction (to Tysabri). It’s only a biopsy that can definitively tell exactly what’s doing what to your liver. And so long as the LFTs improve they don’t want to do a biopsy because it’s quite invasive.

When you do qualify for a DMD, your LFTs will be checked again. In fact, if you’ve had raised liver enzymes in the past, I’d have thought once the offending drugs were washed out of your system, they’d have been checked already. Maybe next time you see a doctor you should mention it?


Thanks for that Sssue

I’ll try and remember when I get to speak to her.