Wonky bloods

Hi there,

Hoping someone can give an opinion on my blood results:

14.7.20 LFTs

AST 58 (ref range 13-29) so up

ALT 283 (ref range 9-36) so up

Alk phos 215 ( ref range 32-122) so up

Gamma GT 351 (ref range 6-43) so up

Other bloods

B 12 780 (ref range 197- 771) so up

Folate 3.3 (ref range 3.9-26.8) so down

i currently take Tecfidera and am hoping these bloods don’t mean I have to stop taking it.

Any advice much appreciated.

Min xx

Hello Min

It looks to me that your liver function enzymes are high. B12 also raised (associated with elevated LFTs). So it could be that a drug you’re taking has caused your liver to have to overwork to clear the toxins.

Normally the liver metabolises a lot of the medication we take with no trouble (some drugs are metabolised by the kidneys or even not metabolised at all). Other times, our livers can’t cope with a specific drug and that’s when the AST and AFT are raised.

How long have you been taking Tecfidera? If it’s fairly recent (ie weeks or months), then it’s likely to be the culprit. Otherwise it could be something else.

As to why some people react in this way to some drugs, I don’t know. Personally I’ve experienced it three times. The worst was in reaction to Tysabri, when my liver enzymes went through the roof after 3 infusions, but as the blood was taken immediately before infusion #4, the LFTs went sky high following that. I also had elevated liver enzymes from Betmiga (for overactive bladder). Plus one other time when we never managed to establish what had caused the spike. There has been a suggestion (several times) that there is an autoimmune aspect to this, but I’m unsure. It’s clearly a drug reaction thing, as to whether it’s only because I am prone to autoimmune disorders, who knows?

You’ll have to see what the doctors say. I’d get in touch with your neurologist (phone their secretary and ask for a message to be passed on or an email forwarded).

Best of luck Min


Hi Sue,

Thanks for this. I have been on Tec for years and years. So hopefully not the culprit.

Recently started on Noritryptiline in the last month or so. So perhaps the culprit.

We unfortunately don’t have access to a neurologist currently recruiting. Bit perhaps we have cover.

Thanks again for your reply

Min xx

Hi Min

It shouldn’t be the Tec then. Nortriptyline is metabolised by the liver & if you’ve just started it, possibly the culprit. At least you don’t need a neuro to work that out, speak to your GP & they should be able to sort it.