rebif and liver enzymes

Hi All

Haven’t posted for ages, just followed the forum regularly, but would appreciate any info people might have about elevated liver enzymes and Rebif.

I was due to start Rebif this week but have been told I can’t as my liver enzymes are marginally above normal. GP says my liver enzymes have always been high, probably a ‘fatty liver’. Have to have blood tests at one and three months now before consultant will consider Rebif again.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


Hi Rob Yes I did…my GGT was 150 before starting Rebif but I had my gall bladder removed the year before and it had started to effect my liver. After one month the enzyme went up to 367 and at the next test it was 400+. They did a liver ultrasound and everything was fine…no tumours etc, so I was allowed to carry on with the Rebif on the basis that the results were as a result of a slightly fatty liver and a heavy duty anti biotic that i had been on. I was very careful after that enzyme result and basically followed the three percent fat principle and my enzyme level has now come back down to 200+. I intend to carry on with that until my next blood test in August and hope that it will have come down again. Catherine xx

Thanks Catherine

My liver enzymes are only slightly high and I was all set to go with the injections and all. I had worked myself up to start and was disappointed to be knocked back. I’ve got my first blood test next week and then a wait on the results and retest in 3 months. Hopefully they’ll reassess me as being fit to start then.

I was thinking about trying Milk Thistle extract. Its supposed to be a fast acting tonic for the liver. Have you (or anyone else) had any benefit from Milk Thistle?