hi everyone,

Where i work they are trying to move me it would mean i need to get three buses as i have to drop my son off at nursery.I have been to a tribunal before and things were proven about the way my manager treated me but it wasn’t seen as discrimination.The judge recommenned mediation i went but my manager didn’t want to go ahead with it.I was moved to a different location while the mediation was pending.And i have asked to go back there but they are saying they can’t facilitate me there anymore and i can’t stay at the location i am at present as they can’t facilitate me there either even though i have been there over 4 months.They want to move me further out it is just awkward because i would need to take 3 buses as i wouldn’t drive as it is in the town centre.I get extremely tired and get numbness from the waist down i have tried to explain this to my boss but she isn’t interested.The organisation i work for can move you around,but surely they have to see how this is going to affect me,should there be any assessment done before they move me?Can i refuse to go?If so on what grounds.I know they are treating me like this because i went to a tribunal.I have spoke to EHRC but just want to get as much advise as i can.

Thanks for any advice

Have you tried access to work? I think they pay for taxis etc for you if necessary


I replied last night but for some reason my comment’s not showing. As floopy says, try Access to Work. It’s a DWP service to help people with disabilities to work. They can do things like pay for specialist equipment, or for taxis to & from work.

If you google Access to Work you’ll find the website easily enough.

Hope that helps