Hi all. Not happy were i work I have a section to do in certain amount of hrs. have done this same section since I started 2 and half yrs ago . My boss knows about my ms . Yesterday I went in after 3 days holiday and got told I have been giving another part to my section which is a large hall . They didn’t think of asking if I could manage it they just gave me it now I’m panicking I might not be able to do it. As when I’m finished my usual work my legs feel as though they have done their limit and feel as though they are just going to collapse under me while trying to walk for bus back home


as you have told them about your MS they need to make reasonable adjustments, so why don’t you have a chat about the new position and if you feel it doesn’t work then let them know why, they should then work with you .

good luck


Yeah, they should have talked to you before giving you this new section. I imagine it never occurred to whoever’s decision it was that you might not be able to manage, kind of thoughtless of them, but that’s often how it is. PLEASE don’t struggle on without saying anything, they really shouldn’t have just changed things without discussing it first.


Consider contacting an access to work advisor (disability employment advisor) at your local job centre to see if they can help you with a taxi to and from work. They pay you back for the taxi fares. You pay the bus fare equivalent towards the taxi fares.

the other advice is good too.



I ditto what Neil said. Access to Work pay for me to get a taxi to & from work, which is a massive blessing. But there’s other ways they can help too, so you should definitely get in touch with them so they can do an assessmen.


Hi Lucy m,

access to work have paid for me a chair and a tilting stool to help at work, so that I’m more comfortable and spend less time on my feet, maybe something similar could help you.