Work and MS

Ok so im on maternity leave still but feel like i need to turn my thoughts towards my options when im suppose to return to work! (Not till Oct)

I do retail security and walk around a big store all day... 8 - 12 hour shifts with some CCTV work too... obviously now due to my balance and walking issues I cant perform my 'normal' duties, but its more than possible for me to do some ammended duties such as extra CCTV, and sone other sitting duties.

My problem is.... I feel capable of doing certain tasks that mean i could do a good 10 hour days work... but I dont think I can actually GET there if my situation is the same as it is now! 

Is there any organisation or people who are best to talk to about transport to work?  I cant safely walk far enough to get to public transport (at the moment anyway!)... and a taxi there and back would make doing a days work completely pointless!

I think Access To Work could help you - you'll find them on the Direct.Gov website - also speak to your employer, Occupational Health should probably be involved.

Luisa x

Wicked thanks :-) Ill look them up!

Sorry Luisa is right,



Hi mrsp 83

Do they have consisrge duty, signing in visitors/contractors. Do they have an area where staff are randomly searched. Maybe acting as a fire-warden, with associated duties.