Ok so i will be going back to work start of October from Maternity leave… and for the first time since having/ being diag. with MS.

I work in security in a large very busy city centre retail store…

Due to my walking problems I can no longer walk the shop floor, will no longer be able to man the front door, no longer be able to aprehend thieves… if my eye plays up my CCTV use will be difficult and potentially limited… so Im very restricted in what duties i can now perform.

Getting to the train staation would be a massive struggle… making it to the bus stop may be possible, but the overall journey including walking through town when i get there would probably render me definitely unable to do even more than i might normally…

I think I should qualify for Access to Work… but its all a bit vague… can anybody tell me anything more about it?? DO you get assessed? How do yo go about it…? Do taxis count as ‘public transport’ for getting to work purposes (would be pointless going to work if i had to pay for taxis!)

Hi It would be murder in a control room The CCTV monitors will flash at either 50 or 60 hertz and strip lights at 50 hertz. This will give you a bad headache and eye strain. This flashing is invisible. There possibly could be other taskmaster such as access ontol, internal stop and search. Has the job been assessed DDA. I know you may be eligible for a , sooty, “disabled” bus pass. I got one as well as a blue badge. I am not sure about taxis-some local authorities poss. His may be vailable through local social services as direct payment-not sure sorry. Try this link Mike

Hi Read the blurb in link it states financial hel may be available for transport

No nothing’s been assessed. Thankfully it’s a small control room with only 4 monitors… but still not ideal lol thankyou for the link…looked earlier. Everything is so vague everywhere but am getting there. A few other helpful websites.

Just wanted to add a quick reply to say I use AtW to pay for a taxi to and from work. When it was being set up I just had to get quotes from a few different firms and obviously had to go for the cheapest one. I pay upfront for the taxi, but get a receipt for each journey. Then each month I send them off with a form and the money gets refunded to me.

Hope you get the support you need.



I would certainly contact Access to Work, who knows what is possible. I found them very helpful. I would have joint discussion with Access to Work, who will support you to do your job and your employers about making reasonable adjustments.

I do know that Access to Work will fund taxis to and from work.

Good Luck!


Hi mrsp83.

Have you talked to your employers about a phased return to work and in detail about what duties you can and cant do, aside from the issues of getting there in the first place?

You know what its like when you are short staffed and its …oh go and do so and so while we find someone etc. It needs to be all clearly defined as to what your roles will be.

I am impressed at your wish to return after a birth and a dx, but dont push yourself too hard so that you end up not being able to enjoy your little un.



Yeah i think that may well be the only help I need is a taxi fare…

I have talked to work about the positions I can do… and they have been very good with everything. Theyre happy for me to do what I can really. I also have the area managers full support too.

Ive chosen to do 2 days a week, but not together. Tuesday and Thursday so Ive got a day in between to chill (and no weekends as its really busy! Primark… eugh!) lol