Access to Work

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone has any experience with Access to Work?

Hubby got authorisation to get a taxi back and forward to work when needed which is great, but the problem is that the taxi drivers don’t have to help him with his wheelchair (getting it in and out of the house, and folding it up etc) and it’s taking a gamble whether you get a helpful one or not (completely understand this could be down to their own physical abilities).

My question is, does access to work help with the care part of the journey? We have a family member who is self-employed who would be willing to help out, but we couldn’t ask them to do it for nothing and I wondered if this might be covered through A2W?

Hubby is working hard to stay in work full time and this would help him greatly.


When I was working didn’t have this problem with the taxi drivers they always helped. I would explain it to access to work and see if they will let you consider another company so you can threaten to leave if they don’t agree to help on this (I don’t think it’s an unreasonable thing to ask of the driver, it could also be interpreted as disability discrimination IMO since they are making it more difficult for a disabled person to use their service - which might be why I never experienced it in 5 years of using the Taxi journeys via access to work).