Your experiences with Access to Work?


Can anyone that has had experience with Access to Work post their stories please?

Particularly interested in any issues or problems you may have had and how they were solved.



I recently used them and thought it was quite a good process. My company allow me to work from home and called Access to Work in to get a desk, chair and other equipment sorted. The DWP subcontract the work out to organisations in the area and the one I got was really good.

Thanks mate!

Glad to hear you had a good experience!

Anyone else?

Hi z123,

Although I stopped work 4 years ago, I used AtoW for about 5 years before that. I asked for, and they agreed to supply a scooter (I worked at Gatwick Airport and there was no way I could get around on foot) and also pay the parking fees to park in the multi storey carpark as the staff carpark was too far away for me to walk from.

The fact that my employer couldn’t work out how to, or couldn’t be bothered to apply for the finance from them and ended up paying the whole lot themselves is neither here nor there!


I use access to work. Been using them for just over a month. They are so helpful and the process couldn’t be simpler. They help m with the costsof taxis to and from work. Also did a woworkstation assessment. This was really goodand were qquick sending report to work. I have nothing but praise for them.

I agree with Barney. I had them a year ago and their assessor was really on my side. They awarded me all that was possible. As it turned out it was just academic as I ended up retiring through ill health. From the first email request they were onto my case immediately. I actually wrote down all my issues in a general summary which the assessor said was very helpful! Best wishes.


I’ve been uing them fotr a few years now to pay for my taxi to & from work. It was easy enough to set up - I just needed to get 3 taxi quotes, and obviously had to use the cheapest one. Now I just need to get a receipt each time, then send them in with a claim form every month. Never had any complaints. Are you having problems with them then?