Access to work/ taxi quotes anyone used this /we are back !

Hello everyone,

Wow did not realise its been a year almost since last being on here. The login puts me off as i can’t seem to change it and get a secure password high enough for some reason so its a one time login. I eventually gave up using this type of login and life has got in the way in relation to tribunals and gerard having another relapse. OT issues for both him and our boy. LIfe this past year with hospital trips to GOSH and doctors back and forwards,has been awful and stressful again with little understanding from family (the people who are supposed to be most supportive). Some things never change. Anyway, its got to the point were Gerard (don’t ask me how he is still working, just that he is a fighter) and through access to work he can use a car service as driving is becoming difficult for him (even though he has adaptations through his mobility car). Please can anyone give us advice on or let us know of your experience of using this service. In the meantime i will try and change this password and keep it, i have had a hard time in using them and keeping them and regret giving up. We have had no internet connection for the past few days and no phone line except one mobile. Its been a hellish year. Many thanks for your repsonse and help. I have gone around a few cab firms and got quotes but some cab firms don’t use access to work or have dealings with them.

best wishes Gerard and Sandra

Well Hi there, you 2! Great to see you back.

And love to the little one as well.

Sorry, cant help with the taxi question, but sure someone will soon.

Keep on trucking, yeh?

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When I used taxis as part of access to work, you paid the fare and then claimed the money back from Access to work.

Had to keep all the receipts, get paperwork signed off by my line-manager . Access to work asked for a small contribution, I think I paid 50p out of the £3.00 fare.

Good luck

Hi Sandra,

Yes have used ATW for a good few years and cannot fault them.

Two ways to do this. Either, having an account with the cab firm or getting receipts for the jouneys. Getting receipts means filling in a form and sending them by post each month.

Good luck with your efforts.

I currently use ATW and had to get 3 quotes for a single journey and then obviously the cheapest is chosen. The amount you pay is based on your own single journey on public transport. You get receipts for each taxi ride and send them off at the end of each calendar month. I don’t drive and it’s been especially handy when there’s been ice on the ground and getting a door to door service.

Hi Sandra,

Before I packed in working, I used AtW to pay for taxis for about 4 years. I had to provide 3 quotes and they decided which firm to be used. Then it was a case of paying the taxi fare each day and getting a receipt from the driver. Then every 4 weeks I had to fill in a claim form and get it signed by my manager, then post it with the receipts to AtW. The money was then transferred electronically to my bank account. As others have said, you may be asked to make a small donation by way of a deduction from the amount you receive. In my case, this worked out as 25p per mile for each trip. So for the 15 mile round trip I had each day, the taxi fare was £20 and I received £16.25.


Hi there

I use access to work, just started using it, and for me it’s just as Neil says except that I opened an account with the chosen taxi firm and theve to invoice me each month, then I have 30 days to settle the account, which is made up of the 25p per mile contribution from me and the rest comes from Access to Work, and/or if during work hours travel undertaken, then my employer pays 40p per mile for those journeys, here is the web page for more info

Jools X